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Bījāvadhānam From the Shiva Sutras, I'll first read what Lakshman Joo has to say. When you maintain undivided attention and awareness on infinite energy, the supreme energy, which is the seed of the universe, then you have Shakti infinite Shakti So Bīja, Sanskrit for "seed" or "germ" is understood and realized in Samadhi as the cause of this whole universe. that Bīja is the supreme energy of pure consciousness or we can call it Shiva. svātantryaśakti The Sanskrit word avadhāna means to be attentive, to put your attention on, to put your mind and your intellect on a point that is to be meditated on again and again, in continuity. Here in this sutra, we are told to maintain undivided attention and awareness on that supreme svatantrya shakti. The more you do it, the more you have access to the source of all energy in the universe. Why? Because before you have realized it, you won't have the strength of awareness to do it with continuity. So once you have to realize that you have access to infinite energy only, then you will be inspired to maintain awareness on it.

Suppose you are given to the state of Samadhi, but you have not yet realized your true nature experientially. Until then you will just want to relax, take life easy to rest and be at ease, which is very significant because it brings you self regulation. But after you realize the reality of the self, you will naturally also alternate with activity and you will become active, you will never again be only active or inactive. So, dynamism and stillness will go together. After realization, self realization, the cause of your being always is like a pendulum. The cause of your being moves, expresses like a pendulum formless to form and manifest to manifest uh invisible to visible. See the formless infinite and that which is with form are both the same that which is with form is a modified um time bound expression of the infinite, timeless, formless. More on this in a, in a few moments. It is said in the Mrityujit (Netra Tantra): That germ which is the cause of the entire organic world. The cause of all energies, the cause of all breath, both incoming and outgoing.

The cause of all movement is that supreme energy of pure consciousness, the universal cause we may call it Shiva or by the way, you can call it anything. Yeah, you can call it or Allah
or Brahman or it, remember. This Yogi has to put her and or his minor intellect on that point again and again, the pointless point and soon divine consciousness will be revealed. And uh also you will have access to infinite energy. OK. Now let me take this a little bit further. OK. Fundamental reality. Let us agree. And science supports that fundamental reality, whatever it is is infinite and also form less. OK? Doesn't have borders. So even if we subscribe to modern cosmological concepts like the Big Bang, et cetera, if you ask people, scientists, where did the Big Bang occur? Say everywhere everywhere means omnipresence. They say did it contain the potential for infinite manifestation? Yes.

But what is this, what is, was it also the source of the energy that is expanding the universe? And was it the source therefore of almost infinite energy? If not infinite energy, many scientists will say infinite potential energy. So the answer seems to be yes, infinite energy is omnipotence. OK. Happening everywhere is omnipresence. Did it contain all the information required to structure? Again, you're using modern concepts. Did it have all the information required to structure every component of the universe from space time matter energy information? Did it have the information that know how to construct that? And the answer seems to be yes, right? Because the universe continually evolves in the direction of infinite manifestations. So what is infinite information knowledge, let's call it omniscience. OK. So we can see that even from the perspective of modern cosmological science, the origins of the universe represent omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. OK. Now let's get rid of that. And think only in terms of consciousness, consciousness as formless awareness is fluctuating. OK. That is what is called Shakti.

And uh Lakshman and Shiva call it the which means uh independent infinite shakti not bound by its manifestations, not bound by its manifestations. So if you shift your attention in terms of consciousness to the source of all consciousness, which is pure consciousness, which is beyond the senses. Therefore, you have to quieten your mind and actually go beyond the fluctuations. Then you have access to that infinite source of infinite energy, infinite information and infinite presence, nonlocal reality, a causal nonlocal the source of also what we call nonlocal correlation, synchronicity, infinite organizing power, infinite correlation, infinite self regulation evolution, et cetera source of insight, intuition, imagination, creativity, hard consciousness. But even go to the point where you understand that the source of your energy, the energy that you use to move your hands to speak, to breathe, to control your autonomic nervous system is the same energy. OK? So you have access in pure consciousness to infinite energy, you also have access to pure consciousness in the infinite alka fluctuating.

It is the alka that is fluctuating as all modes of knowing and perception that we conceptualize as the mind body and the universe. So having your awareness or attention on the infinite gives you access to infinite energy. If you want infinite energy, have your awareness, attention on infinite energy and wherever your attention goes energy flows. So if your ener attention goes to the source of all energy, then you have access to infinity on almost access.

That is what the true meaning of ageless body. Timeless mind is Almost zero entropy. Why do I say? Almost because any finite expression of the infinite is finite? OK. But if you can see the infinite in the finite, then you have divine consciousness. So look at anything, look at a bracelet or you know, look at a book or look at the painting or look at a statue and then ask yourself, what am I looking at? And the first thing is I'm looking at that object now change that to I'm having an experience now change that that's a perceptual experience.

OK? Perceptual experience, visual or maybe auditory or maybe a sensation or whatever, it doesn't matter. But whatever that object is, it's an experience as an experience. It's a perception sensation which is a modified form of the infinite. It is the shape of the infinite. But if you identify with the fluctuation instead of the source of the fluctuation, then that becomes time bound finite energy.

On the other hand, if you identify at all times with the infinite, which is everywhere, OK? In the space between thoughts, in the space between breath, in the space between sensation, in the space between images or imagination and the space between intention in that space is infinite energy or access to infinite energy in the modified fluctuation. If you see it as a expression of the infinite. Then even in the modified expression, you can experience the infinite, even in the finite, you can experience the inf infinite that's divine consciousness beyond cosmic consciousness. OK. So first three states, sleep, uh sleep, dream, wakefulness is called wakefulness. Dream sleep is called swap. Deep sleep is called then glimpsing the soul, which is being in touch with the awareness in you. The stillness with you is soul consciousness. Or you might call it a transcendental consciousness.

When you have cosmic consciousness with local and nonlocal at the same time. Now, that is freedom from the concepts of death, et cetera because you're local and non local. At the same time, the local is your finite expression. The nonlocal is you as the source. Now, that's called cosmic consciousness. But when you can see and experience the infinite in the finite, that's called divine consciousness.

In other words, the divine source of all experience is not difficult to find. It's impossible to avoid. We can't even say if you don't mind the word God or the divine is not difficult to find. It is impossible to avoid. It is between every experience and in every experience, this is the realm of miracles, nonlocal correlation, um divine uh attributes, cities rid even beyond cosmic consciousness. So in divine consciousness, nonlocal dormant potentials are awake the cities. And then also knowing that what we call the elements and forces of the universe are actually fluctuation of the same consciousness then that opens the door to rid these super normal powers, control of the elements and forces. But it also opens the door to access to infinite energy. And it's modified expressions also as infinite energy. The closest you can get to ageless body, timeless mind and understand that all it requires is a shift of attention.

You are where your attention is, you are where your awareness is. So if your awareness is on your toes, that's where you are. If your awareness is on melodrama, that's where you are. If your awareness is on the infinite, that's where you are. And that access to infinite energy also is access to divine consciousness and the source of nonlocal dormant potentials otherwise referred to as miracles. But everything is a miracle. Existence is a miracle. miracle there's no explanation for existence. So it's a miracle. Ok. More soon. This is an amazing sutra..

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