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Shiva Sutras sthitilayau sthitilayau I'll read the translation by Lakshmanjoo and then I'll share my own, my own interpretation letters. So this universe is the expansion of the Yogi's energy in objective impressions and in the dissolution of those impressions. So sthitilayau sthiti is also considered the void state or the fundamental ground of all being as pure consciousness. So let me share with you a slightly different interpretation or expansion of the same interpretation. And this is as follows. The Yogi knows both absolute awareness and relative awareness. The Yogi knows that the awareness, fundamental awareness, pure awareness is the non changing factor in both the disturbed or excited states of consciousness and also the undisturbed states of consciousness.

Undisturbed states of consciousness. So the excited states of consciousness are what we call the vrittis fluctuations, shaktis excitation. Yeah. excitations the word I'm looking for right now is is fluctuations, excitations, vrittis on-of vibrations. Yeah, that's the word I was looking for. Vibrations of awareness are the disturbed or excited states. And they are experienced as the lucid dream that we call the waking state, the lucid dream in the vivid now because every perception is fluctuating and changing. But those vibrations also include the dream state that you had last night, which is a more hazy dream, a more quantum dream.

This dream, the fluctuations in the waking state, the lucid dream and the vivid now is what we experience as the classical world. But at night, when the dream becomes hazy, it's a different kind of fluctuation. The dream is hazy, amorphous, full of contradictions and all the ambiguities that we find in the quantum state. So this particular state, the waking state is the experience of the classical world. The dream state is the experience of the quantum world. And when all the fluctuations settle down to almost the undisturbed state, we can say almost the undisturbed state which is deep sleep, coma, unconsciousness. There, the fluctuations have died down to almost total undisturbed state. But in death, again, return to the purest state, which is awareness as absolute in death. So death is actually the glimpse of the most fundamental state, but also deep sleep and coma and what we call the subconscious mind or the super conscious mind or all of that are almost undisturbed.

I think I remember the poem of Walt Whitman where he says, I must not be awake for everything looks to me as it never did before. Or else I'm awake for the first time and all that was before was a mean sleep, something like that. I think that's Walt Whitman. So think of the physical world and the physical body as the fluctuations of the waking state.

And think of the dream state as quantum fluctuations and think of deep sleep, coma, unconsciousness as close to the undisturbed state of consciousness. And finally think of death as the purest waking up to fundamental reality. Now, of course, we can cultivate this, but we can cultivate this by anchoring ourselves to our absolute identity instead of our relative identities. You know, we have innumerable relative identities, species specific too and culture specific. We have been recycling since the beginning of time and evolving since the beginning of time, evolving as biological species. But the memory of all that is in you right now. So the purpose of these Sutras basically is to trigger in you. The purpose of these sutras is to trigger in you what is called sruthi sruthi means that which is heard that which is heard and what is heard is revelation, revelatory truth that's called sruthi. Then that triggers something else. It's called Smriti, Smriti – that which is remembered. So the Yogi first downloads revelation simply through stillness and attention to subtle vibrations that which is heard. And then the Yogi remembers Smriti.

So sruthi is that which is heard, Smriti is that which is remembered. And what is remembered is the recycling of memory through evolutionary time in you and me and all humans is the memory of recycling of information, energy, spacetime matter, Karma, everything that we call experience through evolutionary time and the evolution because not only is it all remembered, but it evolves to new levels of creativity, imagination, abstraction and understanding of reality and knowing that at the most fundamental level, you are that reality, you not as body mind, but you as the consciousness that recycles and evolves as body mind and its experience of the universe, quantum dreams, classical dreams, and then waking up to the dreamer.

This is the Yogi knowing herself, himself, itself has absolute identity, non changing and as innumerable relative identities. You are that. Tat Tvam Asi Brahmasmi .

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