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Shiva Sutras karaṇa śaktiḥ svato'nubhavāt karaṇa śaktiḥ svato'nubhavāt Let's say this translates into the power of creation. The power of creation resides in you. And then I'll read a little bit from Alex Man. And then we'll expand on that. It is the experience of each and every individual being that while they are in the dreaming state or using their imagination, they have the power to create and destroy as they will. This is called karaṇa śaktiḥ When you're intoxicated with alcohol, you can think that you are the lord of the universe and that no power can weaken you. This is your conception in that state or when you enter the dreaming state, you can create an automobile to drive.

You can also create the road to drive on and the fields and vegetation to drive through. In this dream. The road is created by you in your consciousness. The motorcar is created by you in your consciousness and the fields and vegetations are also created by you in your consciousness. Yeah, it is you who is seated in the car and that "you" who sits in the car is also created by you in the dream state. everything in this dream is you: the car, the automobile, the vegetation, the trees, the countryside, and you in the car. If someone comes in front of you and stops your car, that is also you. In this dream, you create the entire universe yourself. Because in dreams, no one else is created except that which you have imagined and dreamed. So in this way, the power of creation is experienced by every individual, but it is carried to the next level in the self realize Yogi it is your own experience that in the world of imagination or in the world of dreaming, you have the power of doing and undoing, enabling you to create a world by your own power of thinking a
world you are unable to create seemingly in the waking state.

OK? So let's see what else he says. It is said in the Tattvagarbha: when these individuals who are masters of the dreaming state and the world of imagination discard the absence of the establishment of awareness and secure and strengthen the power of their awareness, then their desire becomes just like the heavenly wish fulfilling tree (kalpataru) they become like pure consciousness, Shiva and just like Shiva, whatever they desire, whatever they think that manifests in the waking state. Because the waking state is also a dream state in which your physical body is is also part of the dream. And that fictional body mind and then the universe it projects is also a collect is a individual dreamscape, but part of the matrix of the collective dreamscape, that's which we call the universe is the collective dream state that is projected by the subtle and and physical so-called physical bodies in their interactions.

So the subtle and physical bodies in their interactions project the human universe, which includes, of course, the human universe includes animals and plants and rocks and trees and the milky way galaxy and two trillion Galaxies and uncountable trillions of planets, 70 sextillion stars. a magnificent, amazing human universe. So let's project this and expand this a little further. OK. So what's the difference between the waking state and the dreaming state? The dreaming state is very fine frequency domains or excitation of consciousness, the the waking state and its projection as this physical universe, this hotel I'm in and you know, the mountain I can see outside the window and the other buildings. This is my lucid dream in this moment, but it's not the truth.

OK. A lucid dream in the present moment. How do we define a dream? A dream is defined as something that's un graspable, that is uncatchable, that is ephemeral, that is transient, that is momentary. And as soon as you have the experience, it's over, even this experience that you're having of listening to me or watching me on your computer or handheld device, it's un graspable. Why? Because by the time you hear my words, by the time you see me, by the time you recognize me, what you saw is over. And so actually, you're seeing a ghost right now, everything you're seeing is part of the collective dreamscape. And we are ghosts. The physical body is a ghost in that collective dreamscape. And so are trees and animals and rocks and plants. This seems bizarre because according to current theories, if you look them up on, you know, chat GPT or Wikipedia, then there are two models competing for what creates the visible universe, including of course, the visible universe includes our body as well.

And they are, you know, on the one hand, the Big Bang theory that the universe suddenly appeared as a dot that had or even zero volume but infinite density and temperature. And that started the expansion of the universe and it's still expanding and ultimately expand to the heat depth of absolute zero. And then maybe we'll start all over again. OK, Big Balance, Big Bang or whatever.

That's one a field of inquiry scientifically. The other field of inquiry is of course, the quantum field theory which says that there is a quantum vacuum state which is brimming with virtual particles that appear in and out of the quantum vacuum as determined by the uncertainty principle. These two theories actually don't agree on a unified model of what the universe is. So what is science then doing is it telling us the truth or it is creating models of what we think the truth is because science is also begins with consciousness. Science is an activity in consciousness, as I've said before, theories are conceived in consciousness, experiments are designed in consciousness, observations are made in consciousness interpreted in consciousness.

So science is a particular methodology for creating models of the physical universe. But current science cannot tell you why there is a quantum vacuum and can't even tell you why the Big Bang occurred or why did occur when it occurred apparently occurred everywhere. Because the cosmic microwave background is coming to us from everywhere. Omni omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent infinite power to create the expanding universe. So the model is getting close to what could be the real reality. But no model is the experience of reality. It is an interpretation of reality. So if you want to experience reality, then you have to go past the models, go past the secret passages, the dark alleys, the ghost filled attics of the collective mind, which is also localizing as the individual mind squeezed into the volume of a body in the span of a lifetime. But even that is not accurate because the real you cannot be squeezed into the volume of a body of the span of a lifetime because all experience occurs in consciousness including this experience. So where is this experience happening? You're seeing me listening to me, you have a computer, you have the room you're in, you have your own body, you have your own mind.

All this is entangled in the deeper domain. But where is this experience happening? Not in the brain, only electro chemistry, not even in the body. In fact, the body and the brain are and the mind and the projected universe are all happening in nonlocal awareness. So this experience in every experience is happening is processed, interpreted, conceived governed and comes into existence and remains nonlocal while being interpreted by the separate mind as local. The separate mind is a misinterpretation. The mind is entangled with all minds. Your mind cannot be localized into your brain or your body. It's a process and it's a process that regulates the flow of energy information and the ecosystem of living beings, but it's also flowing.

It doesn't, it's not static, it's dynamic, whatever that quantum field is, it's a dynamic field and it's not an empty void, whatever the singularity is, it has the potential to create infinite universes. So, and those models also exist in human consciousness or consciousness, not even human. The human mind exists in that nonlocal consciousness which is the immeasurable potential of all that is was and it'll be it will be. So this present moment is actually eternal. The the present moment is eternal. But what's happening in the present moment is ephemeral, transient, un graspable dream, dreams. So we are dreamers, we are dreamers, Wittgenstein again, I love to quote, this, our life is a dream.

We are asleep, but once in a while, we wake up enough to know that we're dreaming. So who's the dreamer? What is the dreamer? The dreamer is not an individual can't be because the individual is contained in the dream. And the Yogi having constant awareness of the source of all creation is in charge of both the ephemeral dream at night which becomes lucid as we pay attention to it, observe it. And this lucid dream in the vivid now which is also ephemeral, but the Yogi is totally established in the Self that is projecting that dream. So now the Yogi has the power to wake up in that dream and then manifest any dream.

Recognizing that even though the manifestation appears physical, it's part of the dreamscape. Everything that we call physical is non-physical. Everything that we call physical is non-physical. And that which we call the physical is just an interpretation of changing perceptions, images, feelings, thoughts, interpretations by the collective matrix of mind. There's no individual mind. You can't find it. If you try hard enough, you will not find an individual mind. If you try hard enough, you won't find a individual body nor will you find an individual object. Because everything that we call an object is a transient expression of changing perceptions, images, feelings and thoughts. All nonlocal interpreted as the theater of space time and causality by the cultural mind. And that's OK. These models are very useful. I wouldn't be able to speak to you on this computer if we didn't have these models to create this experience.

So the models also actually create the experience, but they create the experience of separation and differentiation. The Yogi knows that the source of all this separation and differentiation is itself pure consciousness, pure consciousness, constantly recycling, evolving to higher levels of creativity. And you are that. Creative. So humans have had many interpretations of creation, God. Some deity created the universe, the deity can't be found. And we have Newtonian physics which is all about cause effect in the material domain. And then you have quantum mechanics which goes to the realm of uncertainty and superposition and entanglement.

Then you have the Grand Unified Field theory, the Big Bang, et cetera. They all give slightly different interpretations of how we interpret our own sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, we are the dreamer, we are the dreaming and we are the dream, you and me dreaming this into existence. The power of creation is in you..

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