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Shiva Sutras tadārūḍhapramitestatkṣayājjīvasaṅkṣayaḥ Direct translation from Lakshmanjoo. All desires vanish in that fortunate person whose consciousness is established in his or her her own real nature. For him, the state of being a limited individual has ended. OK. So this is the direct translation and the real nature is of course, which is beyond space and time. I AM. And when that is the only state of the knower, knowing and known, all three come together samagra, or what has been called the seer, seen and the scenery, the knower, knowing and the known, the observer, the observing and the observed. When this consciousness is established, then this is supreme, then desire we seem to be existing that vanishes and there is spontaneous fulfillment of desire. At the same time, desire vanishes. What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word Jiva, individuality used in the sutra.

The word Jiva refers to the stage of being where the awareness exists, that I AM the body, I AM the sense organs, I AM the organs of action. I AM the mind, the intellect and the ego, this state comes to an end and is alleviated when the Yogi's consciousness shines in divine, pure awareness. OK. So this sounds kind of paradoxical, doesn't it? That you have no desire and yet without desire, there's no experience. So there's a contradiction, there's some paradox, there's some ambiguity here because in another of the Upanishads, it is said you are what your deepest desire is as is your desire.

So is your intention, as is your intention. So is your will, as is your will. So is your deed as is your deed. So is your destiny. And yet we are told that the Yogi has no desire, the self-aware Yogi has no desire. So look at this whole contradiction and let's see if we can actually resolve it because in the deepest domain, contradictions and paradoxes and complementarities all point to a single reality. So without desire, there's no manifestation, right? Desire is pure potentiality, seeking manifestation. So all this, all this is all this, all this, all that, all that is desire manifesting pure potentiality has this experience. Without that there would be no manifestation. So how do we resolve this paradox? Here's, here's the way we resolve it.

OK? If one is totally attached and cannot do without the intended outcome of the desire that state is to be imprisoned by desire. And when it's interpreted as I can't live without this, whatever it is. OK? That's addiction, addiction to power, addiction to security, addiction to melodrama, addiction to success, addiction to money, addiction to any sensation. Those are the major addictions: sensation, power, security. So when we cannot do without what we think we want, then that's addiction.

A little upgrading of that addiction is something called deep attachment, let's say attachment and upgrading of in terms of comfort, of attachment is a preference. You want coffee. Do you want tea? Well, I prefer coffee but I'll have tea. That's preference. Mhm So less stress, right, less drama and less less distress, less less concern Less anxiety. So that's preference. And then an upgrading of that would be intention, you have the intention and it's OK. Whatever happens, that's upgrading the level of power, self power, not agency, power. And so what's an upgrading of intention is called subtle intention, sankalpa, as in Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi OK. So you have the intention, then you go into meditation, then you transcend, you leave it there and let pure consciousness organize the fulfillment of that desire, subtle intention in Sanskrit, it's called Sankalpa And there are tantric rituals for Sankalpa for that fulfillment of their desire. But then there's a higher intelligence, it's called choice less awareness. Choice less awareness, which means no anticipation, no regrets but allowing the universe to choose for you.

No regrets, no anticipation, no concern, choice less at the highest level. Because in choice less awareness, you trust your universal self. Jiva trusts the Jiva that is kind of embodied thinking. I AM this body,z this mind, these sense organs, these perceptions, it knows that it is the creator of all those. And in fact, that's the nature of the universe to spontaneously evolve through you in the direction of intuition, insight, creativity, archetypal consciousness, transcendence and the spontaneous fulfillment of every desire in an evolutionary direction. This is called Iccha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Ananda Shakti. Iccha Shakti means a shakti of intention. Kriya Shakti means absence of karma. Jnana Shakti
means the shakti of pure knowledge and then Ananda Shakti the shakti of joy in joy, everything happens spontaneously.

So that's it, my friends..

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