Spring Forest Qigong Practice with Certified Qigong Trainer and Healer Roxy Wright 04-24-2023 Updated for 2024

Updated: June 3, 2024

just waiting on good morning we're just waiting to for the last little moments of coming on good morning good morning good morning or good afternoon or good evening whenever you're meeting wherever you are around the world whenever you're joining us in our Spring Forest Qigong every day well Monday mornings now if you were able to attend the conference yesterday and the day before Oh my goodness if you were not able to attend I'm pretty sure that it is um I'm pretty I'm talking about the conference I'm pretty sure that it is is life's well we it is recorded for those of us that purchased the conference if you didn't I'm pretty sure you can actually still buy it once it's up and recorded and and out for digital it was so wonderful and the part of it that was wonderful um is that Master Lin's opened the conference closed the conference gave us a lot of information and a lot of leading but also there was such diversity from from the community and as we gather together in community this is where the healing happens even though here I am in my own little home in Southern Alberta Canada and I'm on my zoom and I'm in my room I still feel you still feel you and I and it's the practice together that really helps so one of the things I'd like to talk about first and if you're itching to get into practice and think oh don't talk so much don't talk so much I understand that and so if you want to just start tapping on yourself while I share a little bit of information first but this information sets us up for the actual practice and what the intention is in the practice and so the information that I would like to share this morning and the the focus I would like us to come to is this the Contracting emotion of fear where we hold fear masterlin would like us to understand that all of these Contracting or negative emotions are all protective in some manner and so as we hold fear it is the base emotion for all of the other Contracting emotions resentment bitterness anger hatred frustration anxiety sadness depression grief fear is always the underlying emotion and as we release fear into gratitude it's amazing how those two are up in that top Realm of the lowest vibration and in the highest vibration those opposites that yin and yang so when we are unforgiving when we see ourselves being resentful when we see ourselves being bitter towards someone when we feel ourselves judging others who is the first person that we are invited to forgive what's the most critical place that our forgiveness could land first with us as we understand as we see ourselves and feel ourselves in that those judgment spaces we go oh I'm judging this I'm judging this or that person would just do this or if this person would just do this if they would just change this example was really brought to me recently um when I knew I was holding resentment for someone for something that they had done that I had chosen to take an offense about and I was sitting in a group meeting with them and I as I looked at them I could feel that that resentment that I had and then it was just my master said to me this is yours forgive yourself and so there's a little formula that we can use we can look at ourselves in the mirror and actually take a mirror look at yourself look yourself in the eyes and say to yourself I love you please forgive me for holding this emotion of resentment because it blocks me and when I am blocked I cannot serve I cannot serve properly I cannot share that beautiful love that comes through because I'm blocking it myself so let's get up and bounce let's get up and and if you've been tapping already there we go we're going to start by let's tap between the eyebrows and as we tap feel into yourself tap under the eyes feel into places in your body that you might be holding tap down your body that you might be holding any Contracting emotions any Contracting emotions of any sort it could be anger it could be resentment up on the left elbow and then the right elbow breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and down the left torso [Music] and down the right torso let's slow our breathing down now and observe inside ourselves interlace our fingers together and massage our tummy observe inside yourself think about your day think perhaps about any experiences that you might have had bring to mind someplace where invitation is to forgive as being invited that's going to tap the rubber our kidney area with our back of our hands and as we rub our body and we tap our body let's tell our body how much we love it and how grateful we are we're gonna tell in that tailbone and here's going to be a interesting space peace let's tell our body how grateful we are for the pain that it may have if your body is holding pain of some sort let us Embrace that pain and say thank you thank you for the awareness that you're bringing to me we're going to begin to bounce now thank you for being my teacher and as we sit into whatever pain we have in this balancing stage and releasing state let's have a conversation with our body that says what would you like me to know so feel into some place in your body that you're receiving a sensation of some sort for me it's down my right leg into my shin and with the top of my ankle that's a place that's calling to my awareness quite a lot those joints are about moving forward when the joints have pain in them we're being stopped [Music] using our bounce to allow ourselves to yawn our jaw to stretch breathing in through our nose and out through our mouth [Music] bringing your awareness into our body [Music] bring your awareness also to your mind what kind of thoughts travel through simply be aware of them you might be remembering something that happened yesterday you might be looking at me and feeling like you would like me to be doing something different than what I'm doing as we look and feel into the thoughts that we hold and project onto others this is the richness and the gold what we can now hold in ourselves and love in ourselves so when we hold and we feel a projection the judgment it's actually our own textbook now for what we can release and here we start with that mantra and we feel that judgment we say to ourselves I love you I'm sorry for whatever pain you're holding whatever fear you're holding that you need to have this judgment to protect yourself in some way judgment often says let's swing our hands back and forth judgment tells us suggests to us that we are better than somebody else do we need to be better can we just be ourselves and allow our hands to float above our head breathing into the nose and out through the mouth [Music] allowing these joints to all be soft and supple observe if our balance was fast or slow if it was deep or shallow breathing into our nose and out to our mouth still laughs this is the place of universal surrender we're surrendering to our master we're surrendering to the universe we're surrendering all our judgments and all of our pain all of our sadness all our grief all our anxiety all our anger all of our hatred on the exhale we let it go and on the inhale it's amazing how the body must exhale and must inhale so as we exhale let that go in the moment instantly our body inhales and we inhale love receive that love from the universe and love from yourself allow your hands to float back down use your next long exhale to bring your body into the quiet Stillness [Music] and land and feel your fingertips tingling though your palms being full a little pressure in there your elbows have floated away from your body and your body is nice and tall and that beautiful song Qigong relaxation which is tall but not rigid [Music] this position is the beginning of the universe [Music] where we feel ourselves at the beginning of everything as you will open your awareness to the speaking beginning space [Music] this empty space this void [Music] feel yourself supported and sustained here in unconditional love [Music] feel into that unconditional love feel also that all the possibilities that are open to each of us riding on the cloud of unconditional love and to bring our hands to our lower Dentin women your right hand will be next to your Naval man your left hand will be next to your label there's space between the hands and the body here we give the password I am in the universe the universe is in my body the universe and I combined together as one now we call upon our master's energy our guide our spirit whatever word works for you and resonates with the higher power of the universe so your own inner knowing your own Inner Light to set Our intention dearest Master the deepest gratitude from my unique place in this universe on this planet the universe I set the intention for my practice to be able to observe and release Contracting emotions and bring in love bring in love so that I can heal and so that the love from the universe and the love from being my master radiate out into others and together we can be steeped in unconditional love bring your right hand to the throat your left hand stays at the navel this is the moving of Yin and Yang [Music] as we move our yin and yang our right hand drops down very slowly the left hand comes up the body the yin Channel runs down the front of the body the Yong Channel runs up the back of the body as we move yin and young and balance it we breathe in happiness it is a Green Wave you see in your mind's eyes see all the green on this planet see it right in front of you and then zip out and see the whole globe and see how much green is there the forests and the trees and the grass bring your awareness back now again to your liver system [Music] as we breathe in we breathe in happiness and we release any anger [Music] you feel it washing over our liver and our gallbladder we breathe deeply the joy and the elixir of happiness our breathing has now changed to in through our nose and out through our nose we have a gentle smile on our face foreign actually changes our body and changes the hormones in our body [Music] smile is healing no matter what the reason we put it on our face the physical change changes the body bringing our hands to our lower dantia and very slowly [Music] we receive in our hands this beautiful energy ball of Yin and yahu [Music] feel into this energy ball begin to move it at the moment the ball is empty space the void the emptiness feel the beautiful colors of unconditional love that you feel into this ball feel all the possibilities for Healing For Joy for expansion [Music] all of the possibilities in the universe available to each of us and now bring yourself into this fall bring your body your mind your spirit and your soul into this ball [Music] bring into this ball any pain that you may have any sadness depression grief anger resentment bitterness bring it all [Music] and now with each in-breath [Music] say to yourself I love you I'm sorry for anything that I'm holding that's Contracting me please forgive me thank you thank you for all of these possibilities that I am immersed in now as I am in this ball of all possibility and unconditional love and being gently rotated in the yin and the young are all being joined together in this ball I am balanced I am loved and I am free this is an eternal and expansive ball just like when we're flying in an airplane we invite us to put our own oxygen mask on first here inside this ball we release all energy in ourselves that no longer serves us it came to protect us in some manner all the contractions come to protect us when we're in this ball in this space of love we have no need any longer for those Contracting protection because they were an illusion anyway in this fall Love Is The Protector love is the freedom love is the healing [Music] as we feel ourselves in this fall now [Music] see the color red come in color might come in for you [Music] red is joy and now we invite into this ball anyone in our personal Spirit influence whom we know would like healing people with physical ailments people with emotional imbalances that make it difficult to have a stable and comfortable and happy life invite all these in those ones that you know [Music] colors merging in this ball [Music] dancing and healing there'll be different colors for different spaces that are inviting healing in green for the liver and the gallbladder system red for the heart system you might see an array of colors dancing in there now yellow for the stomach system white for the lungs deep indigo blue for the kidneys [Music] kidneys we feel that healing take place so we feel the joy we realize there is more room in our ball and the people that we love that have come into this ball and are healed now now we cast our eyes around about our sphere of influence and into our whole world and now we invite in to our ball a beautiful ball of love people and energies and systems with whom we disagree [Music] for whom we might hold hatred anywhere on the planet where there is unrest where there is war [Music] where there's famine [Music] this political or religious fighting [Music] we invite them all into this wall of love knowing that all the origins of all of these imbalances fear [Music] we remember our smile [Music] and as all of the imbalanced energies come into our ball we smile at them all and we say welcome welcome welcome come in and receive love you might have the images of leaders of countries in your mind with whom you disagree [Music] as they passed through the door of this loving ball say welcome and we see the fear that they hold we see the warm Light Of Love infused through them we see our sameness see the fear that we hold as well and with each breath [Music] we release more and more of that fear we receive healing power of unconditional love now we have the whole planet in this ball of ours [Music] we're washing anointing it with healing love anointing each other with healing love [Music] The Elixir oil of love we feel it coming through our bodies and bring this image back to our bodies now [Music] we feel this ball now in our lower down chin area [Music] we allow the Deep perfect Eternal unconditional vast there is no space there is no definition for the vastness [Music] how this love heals everything on this tiny little planet that we're traveling on [Music] take this light down into our lower Dan Tien now we allow it to spin faster and faster and get smaller and smaller faster and faster and it deepens we feel it in our lower Dan Tien sit with it oh yeah feel into your breath [Music] you'll enter that light in your lower dantian [Music] the meditation is yours [Music] [Music] once you bring the light into our lower dantian you feel it spinning spinning faster and faster and smaller and smaller and condensing Into Dawn Dawn is our own special medicine [Music] or whatever imbalances whatever yin and yang is out of balance our Dawn is our medicine for our imbalances as we bring it in and we see it and feel it in our lower Dan Tien this is our reservoir from which we will drink Living Water from all the day long we restore it and replenish it as we go throughout our day in your eyes bring your hands together we've brought our Chi back from the universe we're running our hands together now warm them bring them to your face and on either side of your nose on your fingers up your nose and across the face and on the outside of the face and here we're sending love back to our whole body we have Meridian points for our whole face her whole body in our face and as you do this I invite you to say nobody can hear you except you say out loud to yourself I love you and use your own name so I would say I love you Roxy and say it again and notice the Resonance of hearing your own voice speak love to yourself you might hear other things in the background that say oh you know you don't you shouldn't say that those are the things that we can love and bring into our ball tapping the top of our head and we're going to take our ears and massage our ears [Music] tap between our eyebrows our bladder point hold the number nine in your mind for the tapping and underneath the eyes [Music] and down the Torso [Music] left hand Palm up tap from the shoulder down the arm to the Palm turn the Palm over tap down we're opening up the heart system and the lung system releasing from them is closing tapping and the closing soothing movements are releasing anything extra now that's ready to be released as we tap and continue to release I invite you to join next Monday with Seuss Churchill I didn't know much about Susan until I saw her and give her presentation she's a beautiful light about her a beautiful Joy we're going to rub our kidneys again so Susan will be with us next week I'm tapping into the tailbone even though I can't see you all I can see is myself and so as I look at myself as I lead the practice I look through my own eyes to you our eyes are portals and portals to each other tapping in our groin and their portals to love put your hands down to the top of your knees tapping there there and behind the legs behind the knees seven eight nine and on the left knee on either side six seven eight nine and on the right knee on either side and come up on your toes and drop to your heels if you're pregnant do not do the drop you can Vision it in your mind we'll keep our little babies nice and quiet and calm if you share this practice with anyone share that moment with them Namaste my dear friends the light in me sees see the light in you and I love you

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