hello welcome to Spring Forest Chicago's heart wisdom talk I'm Glenn Tobey my responsibility is to guide you know a Spring Forest Chicago trainer or instructor or practitioner around a certain topic that they've devised you know that addresses heart wisdom for me I've had the pleasure and honor ofContinue Reading

hello my dear friends many people know exercise and meditation is very good for health and for spiritual growth but not many people know that there's a full times in a year the energy is critical for opening up energy channels and grow your spirituality these are four pyramids ofContinue Reading

hello my name is Glenn Toby and I welcome you to the heart wisdom talk every month Master lens spring far Chicago has sponsored uh focus on different topics for the last several years and months and it's an opportunity for people that who are practitioners or certified trainers healersContinue Reading

just waiting on good morning we're just waiting to for the last little moments of coming on good morning good morning good morning or good afternoon or good evening whenever you're meeting wherever you are around the world whenever you're joining us in our Spring Forest Qigong every day wellContinue Reading

hello hello and welcome back welcome everybody from the Spring Forest Community around the world this is Richard baboni in Los Angeles so happy to be back with you leading Spring Forest every day we have the Monday practice now gonna be on Facebook and on Zoom and you're gonnaContinue Reading