The Mystery of You is the Mystery of Space Updated for 2024

Updated: June 18, 2024

In Eastern wisdom traditions,
particularly Vedanta and Kashmir
Shaivism, space-time are not objective realities. We are getting
there, in science, you know? Time certainly
is relative, depending on the
gravitational field, according to general theory of relativity and depending
on the speed of the observer, according to
special relativity. So if time is
relative and space-time
is a continuum then even space-time are relative, not absolute. So we're getting
there, in science. All the science
doesn't define the observer, but in Eastern
wisdom traditions, spacetime
is actually a subjective
experience. So according to
the Vedanta, Akasha, which is fundamental
space, differentiates
or modifies itself into everything that we call
the five elements: space, air, fire,
water and earth. And then there's
the sixth element. That's added that's called,
"time", and they are subjective
experiences. Now let's
do a simple exercise to give you an idea of what
we're talking about.

But look at the
space around you. Look at the space
around me. So this space, this
experience of space is only possible because
there are objects. If there were
no objects, then you would not have any experience
of space. Okay, Now
turn your attention to what I'm saying
and close your eyes and just
in your mind, imagine the same
objects. And now you're in
a different space. It's called,
"mental space". And those objects
could be objects, but they could also be ideas
and thoughts and feelings
and emotions. So that's the second
kind of space that's called,
"mental space". And now if you
transcend, if you close
your eyes and practice
a mantra to the point
where there's no mantra
and no thought, then everything

Space, time, energy, information, matter
disappears. That's the third
space, "transcendental
space". So there's
physical space, there's mental space,
there's transcendental
space. And that transcendental space
differentiates into physical and mental space,
simultaneously. We are neither. We are the
transcendent possibility of space,
time and causality in what
is called, "Now". Think about that..

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