Universal forces and their connection to health, longevity and consciousness. Updated for 2024

Updated: May 28, 2024

In today's understanding of nature, four forces are identified by scientists and physicists. The first is electromagnetism. The second is the strong interaction. And the fourth is
the weak force. The third is
the weak force. In the fourth
is gravity. So electromagnetism, which is
the electromagnetic field
of the universe. Strong interactions
that hold the nucleus
of an atom together. Weak force responsible for
radioactive decay. And then the fourth
is gravity. Okay, These are the
forces of nature. Now, electromagnetism, weak
and strong forces have been unified. So both
mathematically and otherwise,
we know that electromagnetism,
strong and weak forces,
are the same force. Gravity, of course, is not classically
a force, but considered to be the curvature
of space time.

Our physical body
is held together by electromagnetic
forces, strong and weak
interactions. Of course,
gravity is needed to keep the earth
rotating and going around
the sun. So all are important
as far as our physical well-being
is concerned. But the dominant
force that holds our body
together is the
electromagnetic field which pervades
all of space time. Our physical body is part of the electromagnetic
field. And all matter is made of charged
particles. And these charged
particles create electric
and magnetic fields when they move. And our human
body is constantly moving. So it is constantly
creating electrical magnetic
fields, almost
like a dynamo. The human body emits
electromagnetic fields in a wide
range of frequencies from very few
frequencies, such as those
emitted by the heart from very low

Low frequencies
means dense frequencies. High frequencies,
you know, very fast moving on off signals. So, for example, the heart is low
frequencies and then very high frequencies
such as the brain and the majority of the
electromagnetic fields emitted by
the human body are in the radio
frequency range. The human body is not part of the full
spectrum of electromagnetic
fields, according to
current science. But I question that. There's no boundary
between your body and the
electromagnetic field
of the universe. So I believe that
the full spectrum of electromagnetic
fields should include waves
with frequencies ranging from zero
to infinity.

Except we measure them
only in the waking state
of consciousness. So current
science says that the human body
can only emit and absorb
electromagnetic waves
in a limited range of frequencies. I think that's true probably
in the waking state of consciousness, but I don't think
it applies to expanded states
of consciousness that include transcendence, non-local awareness, the simultaneity of local and non-local,
and all the, you know, differences
of consciousness that have been
studied by wisdom traditions. In any case,
the study of the electromagnetic
fields emitted by
the human body is relatively new
area of research, and many scientists
are still learning about the effects of these fields
in human health. However, it is clear that the human body
is part of the
electromagnetic field
of the universe, and these fields
play an important role in the
body's functions.

Some examples of how the human body emits electromagnetic
fields. So the heart
produces an electrical field
with a frequency of about 60 hertz. This field is used to create an
electrocardiogram. The ECG, that
the doctor does when he or she examines
your heart. And it's a
diagnostic tool now used to measure the heart's
electrical activity. My father was actually
one of the pioneers in the first ECGs that were created
a long time ago. He worked with Lewis
and, you know, the electro cardiogram
has certain leads that are called
the Lewis leads.

Anyway, that's
the side story. The brain produces
a magnetic field with the frequency
of about 0.1 hertz. This field is
used to create Magnetoencephalograms or EEGs. MEG, which is a
diagnostic tool used to measure
the brain's electrical activity. Muscle cells produce electrical fields
when they contract. These fields
are used to transmit signals throughout the body. The skin also produces
electrical fields. These fields are used to detect changes in
temperature, touch, but actually also
can detect stress. So the human body is
constantly exposed to electrical
magnetic fields from other sources
as well, including cell phones, power
lines, radios. And these external
fields can interact with the body's own electromagnetic
fields and potentially have
impact on health, well-being
and longevity. So a lot of this
is being studied by scientists today, but there is now more and
more evidence that our thoughts,
our emotions, our feelings,
our imagination can affect
the electromagnetic field of our body.

Our bodies are constantly emitting
these electromagnetic
fields and the frequency and intensity of these waves
can be influenced by our
emotional state. For example. Studies have shown
that when people are experiencing
negative emotions such as anger
or sadness, they have weaker
and less coherent fields, electromagnetic
fields than those
who are experiencing positive emotions such as love and joy. This because our emotions trigger
changes in our brain activity, which in
turn affects the way our bodies
generate and emit electromagnetic
waves everywhere
in the body.

When we experience
negative emotions, our brains
become more active in the areas
that are responsible for processing
emotions such as fear
and distress. When on the other
hand, when we experience
positive emotions such as joy,
empathy, compassion, love, equanimity, then our brains
become more active in the areas that are responsible for processing
pleasure and reward. This increased
activity can lead to an increase in the coherence
of our electromagnetic
field, which corresponds to health
and well-being. The strength and coherence of our electromagnetic
field can also be affected by our thoughts
and by our beliefs. For example,
studies have shown that people who have
a positive outlook or who have
a positive attitude or who have positive emotions have, such as the ones
I mentioned, which connect us
to the web of existence
and relationship, people who have
those emotions, they tend to have
a more coherent electromagnetic

This is because,
as I said, our thoughts
and beliefs can influence
the way we interpret and respond
to our experiences. When we have
positive thoughts and beliefs, we are more likely
to experience positive emotions which can lead to a stronger
and more coherent electromagnetic
field. And this is now
a big area of research
the relationship between emotions,
thoughts and electromagnetic
fields. But it is very clear
that a connection between
these factors exists by understanding
how our emotions, thoughts and beliefs affect our electromagnetic
field, we can learn to use them to improve
our health and also
our well-being. Some common ways
to do this: practice meditation and
mindful awareness. Spend
time in nature. Listen to
calming music. Surround
yourself with positive people,
positive people and positive

Adopt a positive
attitude to life where you see
adversity, see opportunity, and you will start to
recognize that you control
the electromagnetic field of your body, and its coherence corresponds
to health, well-being,
longevity, and healthspan. You're in charge of the electromagnetic
field. And the way
you influence it is through
your emotions, your attitudes, your beliefs,
your thoughts, your feelings, your
imagination, and your expanded
awareness. A new discipline in medicine, bio electrical
fields that synchronize with the
electromagnetic fields
of the universe. And if there's complete
synchronization, I bet you
that would be complete harmony of your biological
rhythms. Circadian, seasonal, planetary,
of course. Circadian
as the Earth points on its axis, seasonal
as the earth goes around the sun, gravitational effects
of the stars, moon, sun and the cosmos. Gravity
on the ocean waves, but 70% of
our body is ocean and even lunar
rhythms influence
our bio-rhythms. In turn,
our bio-rhythms are an expression of electromagnetic
coherence between
the bio-field of the universe and the electric field,
electromagnetic field
of the universe. And there's perfect synchronization
coherence. I bet you there's minimal entropy. And that
means long, healthy lifespan.

Let me know
if this is useful..

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