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Vigyan Bhairava Tantra reality cannot be divided. Malini Vijaya Uttara Tantra once again, reality cannot be divided. Uttara Tantra And then a quote from one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics Erwin Schrödinger whose equation describes every atom in the universe. And here's the quote I found it. Consciousness is a singular of which the plural is unknown. There is only one thing and that, which seems to be a plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this one thing produced by a deception. The Indian Maya as in a gallery of mirrors. How beautiful is that? The source is Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist and Nobel laureate, who was one of the founders of quantum theory. He wrote this quote in his book, My View of the World 1951 in the chapter entitled The Arithmetic Paradox, The Oneness of Mind. He was influenced by the Vedanta philosophy of non dualism which holds that there is only one ultimate reality brahman and that everything else is an illusion or superposition Maya the world of illusion.

He believed, he believed that consciousness was not a property of individual minds, but a universal phenomenon that transcends space. And time. OK. That's Schrödinger Nobel laureate Schrödinger's equation pioneer in quantum mechanics. And you know, his equation, as I said, Schrödinger’s equation, the wave function describes every atom in the universe. So let's do a little contemplative inquiry, even meditation to actually understand this totally both objectively and subjectively and maybe even experience it. OK. And I'm reminded as before I start of the other verse from Kashmir Shaivism meditate on your body as the universe and having the nature of awareness.

OK. So let's start with science or let's say the scientific model, the current scientific model. So when you were conceived, you know, your father and your mother met, they had a gleam in their eyes and you know, something happened and you began your journey this lifetime as a fertilized egg. So that fertilized egg, which had you know, half the genes from your mother and half the genes from your father had about 25. Not about yes, 25,000 genes. One says, as I said, half from your mother and half from your father. So a gene is a stretch of DNA that codes for a protein. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. But a gene is a stretch of DNA base pair as they're called deoxyribonucleic acid A T C G or the alphabet.

And a stretch of it codes for a protein metaphorically speaking, let's call that the word that becomes the flesh protein. word is the sequence of genes. It becomes the flesh, metaphorically speaking, genes in turn are made of. of course, we just said DNA, DNA, the oxy ribonucleic acid, four bases. Adenine, guanine cytosine thymine. So that's the alphabet of life. A T C G A T C G becomes genes, stretches of DNA that code for proteins. And that's how life begins. Proteins also are enzymes are converted to carbohydrates, fat and everything else in your body. Ultimately, the entire body. Ok. Eyes, nose, genitalia, fingernails brain, you name it. Heart gut oil coming from that double stranded double helix which has these four base chemical bases, adenine, guanine cytosine, thymine. So where did those what are those made of, you know, what are those bases, those chemicals made of? Well, they're made of common elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. That's 96% of everything in your body anyway. And the rest of the the minerals that make up your body, everything from calcium to phosphorus to oxygen is actually also part of your body about 4%.

Ok. So where did these elements come from? Well, it seems hydrogen and helium were created right in the beginning. a little after the Big Bang and then the other elements that are in your body right now were manufactured in the crucible of burning stars. And some astrophysicists go on to say that only 50% of those atoms or elements are from the milky way galaxy. There are two trillion Galaxies and 50% of the atoms in your body may have actually come into your body from other Galaxies, other Galaxies, two trillion Galaxies. So who knows which other Galaxies? But 50% of the atoms in your body may be from beyond the milky way galaxy sucked into our galaxy and solar system by something called gravitational wind. OK. So the atoms in your body, the elements come from the universe and its beginnings. Now when your genes and have created the are now part of the fertilized egg, it Then that one cell, the original cell, the pluripotential cell, it starts to multiply and in about 50 replications, there's a baby and this baby has maybe 50 60 trillion cells which is more than all the stars in the milky way galaxy.

OK. That one cell which contained these elements and you know everything, the alphabet, the word your body is the story of the universe. And even in the nine months of human gestation, the cell replicates almost all of life. So most of your genes are also found in bacteria. 65% of your genes are the same as a banana, something like that. 75 80% the same as a fruit fly, 80% the same as a mouse and 99% almost the same as a primate and then you and me and computers and technology and AI and spaceships and rockets and everything that we call today's world, nuclear weapons, cyber warfare, everything is our creation and it is part I guess of the evolution of the universe.

So objectively speaking, you are the universe literally, but in motion because the universe is also transforming from moment to moment and you as a body mind are also transforming from moment to moment. And basically, you can say this and this is an observation deck for the universe to experience itself in evolution at this moment. This is the observation deck. The universe is experiencing itself as all of what you can see. You know, right now, I'm in Honolulu, I can see the beach and I can see the sky and all of that. And that's the universe looking at itself through this in a particularly unique way at this moment.

OK. So now that's the objective universe in you as a holomovement. But how do we know this? How do we know all this? Well you said through science, mathematics technology. So who created that? we did, right? We created all the science technology, the scientific constructs. We gave names to modes of experience and knowing and we call them those modes of knowing and experience atoms, molecules, particles force fields, gravity, we gave them those names. But first we had an experience and how did we have that experience? Well through our perceptual activity and our cognitive understanding of that perceptual activity. But that perceptual activity was also a very limited band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Nevertheless, it give us access to certain modes of knowing and experience. And then, you know, based on that and what were those modes of knowing and experience? There were modalities of sensation, modalities of awareness, fluctuations of awareness as sensations, sense, perceptions, images, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and then interpretations and then models both the mathematical physical and on and on biological models all created by ourself.

But what we call the universe with everything in it. And let me show you a little bit of what the universe I'm experiencing, you know, I'm experiencing right now. All of that is a combination of sense, perceptions, images, feelings and thoughts. Is it the real universe? No, it's a very narrow band of perceptual activity through the reducing valve that we call the body and brain and then our five senses and how we interpret them. And basically the alchemy of sensations, images, feelings, thoughts modalities of awareness, fluctuations of awareness and interpretations in awareness. OK. So subjectively, it doesn't matter how big the dreamscape is, you know, and schrodinger, in fact, the pioneer of quantum physics said only one ultimate reality and everything else is an illusion. So that includes two trillion Galaxies, star scapes, all of that is part of the dreamscape in this fictional character, which is also part of the dreamscape. The only reality is the unfathomable, infinite formless, fundamental, irreducible, shapeless, infinite formless, dimensionless, infinite being. So both subjectively and objectively, there's no escaping the conclusion that you are the holomovement of the universe.

And what we see as each other at this moment is a snapshot in that movement of the universe as it begins to experience itself and then continues to experience itself through species specific biological apparatuses that we call persons and animals. So, you know, the fact that we call each other persons is very misleading because there's no such thing, the person is just the universe, identifying itself with a limited set of experiences, creating a changing provisional identity. And you're not that you're that which is modifying itself into changing provisional identities, that experience the changing universe based on their identity, based on their identity. So based on your limited identity, we experience the limited universe. But behind this magic show, you are the infinite being experiencing itself as infinite forms and phenomena and therefore as infinite universes. Well, how mind boggling is that? And why is it important? It's important because then, you know, when we see the magnificence of creation and see the magnificence of our own being, then mundane, banal things don't bother us.

We we dissociate ourselves from the pornography of the mundane, the banal, the irrelevant and having dissociated ourselves from the pornography of the banal. We have access to magnificence and joy and wonder and curiosity and timeless reality and fundamental truth. And we realize we are that we are, that we are that we are the infinite being experiencing itself in infinite ways from infinite points of view. And yet our fundamental existence is beyond all these experiences, beyond all these theaters of spacetime and causality, understanding ourselves as divine beings and participating in the evolution of the universe as innumerable, infinite, experiencing experiences through innumerable biological organisms which are basically instruments of observation, instruments of qualia production and they're temporary and their body mind is temporary and it moves on evolves timelessly recycles old information and then generates new information and new data and new experiences.

Something generative AI is attempting to do but never will be able to do because generative A I only represents our limited biases based on our limited perceptual experiences and how we extend them through instruments which are also created by us. You can't get away from the fact that you are the universe. Aham Brahmasmi.

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