Updated: April 25, 2024

Vigyan Bhairava Tantra opening the third eye, bring awareness between the eyebrows. Let awareness settle there without thought then observe thought as it arises. Then the entanglement of thought with the experience and then flood the whole body with the light of awareness a lot in that one verse. So the third eye which is supposed to be somewhere here in the back between the two. Thalami is the vestigial eye, but in spiritual traditions associated with mystical experiences, expansion of consciousness, insight, inner light intuition, a form of intelligence that is contextual relational holistic doesn't have a win lose orientation, eavesdrops on a collective consciousness. So it's the eye of intuition, but it also is considered to be the eye that brings light of awareness and light information to every part of the body, to every cell of the body regulates our body's day and night cycles, what we call circadian rhythms, which are then linked to other cosmic rhythms, including seasonal rhythms, gravitational rhythms and lunar rhythms, they're all entangled.

So, activating circadian rhythm regulation allows you to dance with the cosmic symphony. As we said, we are, the universe in ecstatic motion. The universe dancing through us through our biological rhythms. But now science tells us that these biological rhythms regulate cellular clocks. The whole science of chronobiology which keeps us healthy in homeostasis, self regulated with decreased inflammation. So the hormone of course, that's associated with all this is melatonin. I don't know about any specific third eye exercises, but meditation in general increases melatonin level. And melatonin is not only linked to light information, but also is entangled with the regulation of other hormones like leptin and ghrelin, which regulate metabolism and also appetite. and all these hormones, of course, don't act in isolation.

They're all entangled with each other cortisol, which is the stress hormone adrenaline, which causes inflammation. And then of course, other neuropeptide that are entangled, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and anandamide And also, you know, every, every other neuropeptide that's associated with mood as well. Oxytocin not only enhances our mood. So, so there's dopamine. So there's so serotonin, but Oxytocin also increases the the bonding that occurs in relationship. So a lot going on in this third eye acting as a orchestral conductor of every rhythm in our body entangled with hormone regulation, immune modulation, decreasing inflammation, self regulation. But also giving us access to insight, intuition, creativity, expanded consciousness and archetypal information. Ok. So attention between the eyebrows, rest in awareness, which means before thought, rest in awareness. Then ask yourself, I wonder what my next thought is going to be and see it emerge. As the Yogi said, there are four stages of the emergence of any experience, particularly thought: Parā, unmanifest Paśyantī bubbling up as a qualia Madhyamā the internal dialogue, Vaikharī, speech and action. But that's true of all experiences.

When you observe an experience, you realize it's made out of awareness, it's known in awareness, it subsides in awareness. And actually, since you are awareness, you are manufacturing in every moment, experience through the modulation of awareness as sensations tanmatras, sense perceptions, images, feelings, thoughts and the “you” that does it is totally formless and it is in between every experience. let the awareness settle here, observe the thought coming and then see the thought will be associated with other sensations, images, feelings, emotions, observe them all as the entanglement of experience. And then bring to this observation, the light of awareness, which is simply awareness of qualia experience without interpretation. And then let that light flood the whole body and experience your body as the body of light, the light only light that there is not photons, but the light of awareness. Open the door to your soul. Let this be our practice today, opening the door to the soul and all that is hidden there, the dark alleys, the ghost-filled attics of our mind, our shadows, our fears, our aspirations, our longings, our karma, our memories, our imagination, the wheel of time, all opening through the third eye as we cleanse the doors of perception.

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