How to create a universe. Updated for 2024

Updated: May 8, 2024

Okay, here
are a few samples of plants that are edible;
shikarii some red
or green mustard, celery, parsley, on and on. So these are human
names for a combination of sensations, smells, tastes, if I eat it,
texture and, of course, color,
shape and form. This alchemy
of sensations, of particular
alchemy, we say "shikarii"
or we say "green mustard", or celery.

But if you're a
baby, you wouldn't know
any of this. Well, you'd see color,
a shape, a form. So then ask yourself,
where is that color, shape or form
or any of the other perceptions:
sound, tastes. Right now let's use
this simple idea of where is the color
green? Most people
will say there, but actually
there's no color in the
physical world. What's going to your
eyes, from there to here is colorless
photons. What's going from
here to your brain is an electrical current with no color in the brain. There's no color
either. So this color is
a sensation generated
in consciousness, awareness, knowing
itself as that color or as that taste
or as that smell. So where does
all this exist? In your awareness,
only. How is it created? Consciousness generates sensations and the combination of sensation
and perception. To know itself
as this in the same way consciousness
creates everything else,
including your body, your mind, and
the whole universe.

If you really get
that and you realize the meaning of the word or the phrase, "I
am in the Universe". Aham Brahmasmi..

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