How to have an out-of-body experience. Updated for 2024

Updated: June 21, 2024

Let me show
you how you can have an out-of-body
experience, or an in-body
experience, if you want,
by choice, and also how you can
have an experience of un-bounded awareness, beyond
space and time. So, now look at any object
in your environment, or look at me, or
look at the flowers. They appear outside
you, right? They appear
outside to you because you think you, "you"
are inside your body and that means that you are a person,
a being, inside the body, looking at
the outside world.

In other words,
your ego personality is in you,
inside the body. Of course, you know, if you really
examine this presumption,
then there is no little "you"
in the body, looking at the world through these eyes. There's no little "Deepak",
looking at the world through these eyes. But it's
an experience because we identify
with that which we call the "ego
body-mind". Okay. So now you're having an in-body
experience. You want to have
an out of body experience? Well all you have
to do is shift your awareness to that place
where you can see that your ego,
your mind, your personality is a bunch
of sensations.

Given a story, but it's
also a sensation in your consciousness, fluctuations in your
consciousness. So just as
you looked at those objects, those flowers,
as "out there", look at your mind, your ego,
personality, your emotions as subtle
fluctuations in your own consciousness,
which we are. We appear as sensation, subtle sensations.
and seeing it as those
flowers appear. And if you take that stand of witnessing
awareness, soon you'll start
experiencing yourself
as out-of-body because your body,
and the mind and fluctuations
and personality all dissolve
simultaneously in the stream
of consciousness. Now close your eyes
and you could do a mantra,
a beej mantra. You can transcend
all of that and get to
what is called, "choiceless
awareness". And in that experience, you
are the universe, you're everywhere
and nowhere at the same time.

Try it out and let me
know what you think..

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