Is the universe a mental creation? Updated for 2024

Updated: May 25, 2024

our exploration of quantum
body, quantum mind, quantum
universe. Let's raise an important
question that a lot of people are raising
right now. And the question is, could quantum events or quantum
fluctuations be mental events? Is the mind
quantum is consciousness,
quantum is the universe a mental creation? So let's… let's kind of examine this from what we know
currently, in current science and quantum
mechanics. Remember,
I'm not a quantum physicist, I'm
a neuro-biologist, not even that. I'm
a physician, Neuro-Endocrinologist. But I've been kind of transfixed
with this idea that the mind is
quantum, that the universe is a mental creation. So is there
any evidence or is there any reason to think
like that? Quantum fluctuations are tiny,
random changes in the energy
of what is called the "vacuum".

And they are predicted
by the mathematics of quantum
mechanics. These
fluctuations are constantly happening
all around us, and they could
potentially have a role to play in our
mental processes or in fact they could be
mental processes. So one way that quantum fluctuations could be involved in
mental events is through
the process of what is now clearly
established science, and that is quantum
entanglement. So entanglement
is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics
where two particles are linked together
in such a way that they share
the same fate, even if they're separated
by large distances. This means that one particle is… if one particle
is affected, then the other
particle will also be affected
instantaneously without a signal
going through, without
any mitigation and the robustness
of the correlation or the entanglement.

Some scientists
believe that entanglement
could be used to transmit information
between people's brains. What is information,
by the way? Information
is the resolution of uncertainty based on what? Memory. and, you know, so the reason I know
what, 72 degrees Fahrenheit means, that information,
because of a memory of how to interpret
that. Okay. Information
is actually derived from
memory, is a derivative
of memory. And memory, of course, is a derivative
of consciousness. So information, when
it's transferred between two brains, could potentially
allow us to communicate
with each other, even telepathically through quantum

Another way
that quantum fluctuations
could be involved in mental
events is what we understand
as quantum tunneling,
which is, you know, a particle moves
from one location to the other location without going through the space
in between. So quantum tunneling
is a phenomenon where a particle can pass
through a barrier that is classically impossible
to overcome. You know, it's
you know, you have
a you have a wall. And normally things can't
go through the wall. So this quantum
tunneling where particles move
from one location to another location without needing
to go through this space
in between, also quantum jumps could actually allow
for the transfer of information between different
parts of the brain that are not
physically connected.

You know, when you have
a thought or you recall
the memory, different parts
of the brain all suddenly
fire together and somehow there is experience. How do these
different parts know how to fire together
to phase and frequency
lock in? That could be
many things. It could be entanglement,
tunneling, etc.. So it is possible that quantum
mechanics applies
to the brain, that the brain is a complex
quantum system.

Now, I would go
further. I would say
the biology is a complex,
quantum system, where every activity
and every cell is correlated with
every other cell. So there are now
many theories with actually mainstream
scientists that are beginning to look
at the relationship between quantum
mechanics and consciousness. There's
one theory which is called the quantum
mind theory, this theory
that says that the mind
is a quantum system and that
consciousness arises from the quantum
interactions of neurons
in the brain. So I don't agree
with this theory. I think the mind is
a quantum system, but those quantum
interactions give rise to the activity
of the brain – the other way
around. And then there's
something called the quantum
annealing theory annealing as in
A-N-N-E-A-L-I-N-G. This theory states
that the brain uses quantum annealing
to solve problems. Quantum annealing
is a process that uses quantum
fluctuations to find the lowest energy
state of a system. So I wouldn't say
the brain is using that. The brain is
what the mind looks like
as an object, but the brain
fundamentally is following
the same laws of quantum

And so the quantum
annealing is occurring in
the brain and is… sorry, is occurring
in the mind, but is reflected
in the brain. And then there's
another hypothesis that is now
being talked about is the quantum consciousness
hypothesis. This hypothesis
states that consciousness
is a fundamental property
of the universe. Now we're
getting there, and it is not limited
to the brain. In fact, consciousness
localizes in the brain
through a phenomenon that Aldous Huxley
called the reducing valve. When the infinite
consciousness, like a beam, shines
the spotlight in a particular location,
and when it does that,
then it seems that consciousness
is emerging from where the spotlight is focused, in this
case, the brain, or the body, or an object. That is probably how
it works.

That quantum
consciousness is the universal mind. Quantum
consciousness is the universal mind. And if you want to actually modify
that, you can say that quantum
consciousness creates
the universal mind. Okay? Because mind is
a modified form of consciousness,
already conditioned, however
it is conditioned. Okay? The consciousness
that modifies itself as a mind,
realities, superposition,
entanglement, uncertainty
principle, and collapse
of wavefunction. When one particle is seen and before
it is seen, it is entangled
with all particles. So my friends, given all these
theories, now, that are being
looked at by physicists, philosophers
and neuroscientists and I think
that's good – philosophers,
physicists, neuroscientists
coming together, we may finally come to the inevitable
conclusion that there's only
one consciousness, and it modifies
itself as the
universal mind and that universal
mind is quantum in nature. and it appears as all the forms and phenomena
in the universe.

But those are
appearances, okay? That's how quantum
fluctuations appear as
the physical world. But those quantum
fluctuations are mental events in God's mind, which in turn is a modification of the supreme infinite
consciousness, that can differentiate into several universal
minds, creating
several universes, probably
infinite universes. And that would be
consistent with string theory,
multiverse theory, and some of
the current topics that are
being discussed in physics, philosophy
and neuroscience, and of course,
astrophysics. Bottom line

The universe is
a mental creation. You and I
are participating and co-creating the human universe with that which is universal and all
possibilities. This is the human
universe, and this is
the universal mind that is connected
to the human mind. Now that universal mind is part
of an infinite field
of possibilities, the field
of awareness and the knower of the field
of awareness, which knows itself
in so many ways, species specific,
but also culture specific. But it could be
also, in the cosmos, universe specific,
which means that each fragment of the infinite awareness,
of the field of infinite awareness,
each fragment differentiated
from the field of infinite
awareness, is the
universal mind creating a universe
which is totally different
from the universe that human minds know.

Human minds and in the human
mind are all these other species
specific minds. But what is it
that knows the human mind
and the species specific mind? It can't be
the human mind. It has to be
something that differentiates into the human mind. So I hope I haven't
confused you, but if you were
to summarize this in one sentence,
we would say the universe
is a mental creation in God's
consciousness or the divine
consciousness, which is modifying itself as the quantum mind.

The universe is
a mental creation..

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