Consciousness is the basis of self regulation and healing. Updated for 2024

Updated: April 9, 2024

So, my friends, in 1988
or thereabouts, I wrote
Quantum Healing, and that was
vilified by the medical
establishment. And actually,
I had to leave Massachusetts
and go to California because I was
in a group practice. And I heard rumors that I was going to be fired
for talking about outlandish
things and was an embarrassment
to my colleagues. So before
being fired, I left Boston, Massachusetts,
where I was teaching
at several hospitals and medical schools and also had
a group practice. I went to California
thinking that the environment would be
more friendly, but it was
equally hostile in the beginning. And then, of course, because of the vilification by the
medical profession, it kind of seeped into
the public as well. And I started
to get very bad and nasty criticism
on Wikipedia. It's still there. So if you go to
Wikipedia, they basically say that Deepak Chopra's
teachings are not even wrong,
quote unquote, and that at best what he offers is
a placebo response.

And of course,
you know that a lot of healings from alternative practices is dismissed
as placebo, something
that happens because the patient
believes in that and the mechanism
is not known. So now we've come
full circle with quantum biology
and also Quantum Body and Quantum
Universe. And we do definitely have the scientific
basis for both quantum
healing and quantum metabolism. There is
growing evidence now that thoughts,
feelings, emotions, imagination
and meditation can influence
gene expression. This is known as the science
of epigenetics, which studies how environmental
factors can cause changes
in gene expression without changing
the DNA sequence. One study,
for example, found
that people who had experienced
childhood neglect had different gene
expression patterns in a part
of the brain, which is called
the hippocampus, a brain
region that is involved in memory
and emotion.

These people had a different
gene expression than people who had not
experienced neglect. Another study found
that people who had practiced mindfulness
meditation for at least eight
weeks had different gene
expression patterns in the brain regions involved in stress
regulation. The Chopra
Foundation conducted
a study in 2012 which showed genes that were responsible
for self-regulation, homeostasis
and healing went up some 17 fold in a one week
retreat on Mindfulness
and meditation. All the genes that
were responsible for inappropriate
inflammation, chronic diseases like Alzheimer's,
cancer, etc. went down
significantly, as did inflammatory
markers, the release
of hormones and other chemicals
that can affect gene expression
is triggered by thoughts,
feelings, emotions, meditation
and beliefs. We now know that
the activation of signaling
pathways that regulate gene expression
is also changed by thoughts, feelings,
beliefs, actions, imagination
and meditation. The modification
of DNA packaging, which can affect
genes that are
accessible for transcription. So there are two
phases. One is called
transcription, when DNA
replicates itself and the other is
called translation, which is the creation of proteins
by messenger RNA. And all these are affected by thoughts, feelings,
emotions, imagination
and meditation.

We know that stress
can lead to the expression
of genes involved in inflammation
and the stress response. So-called
negative emotions such as anxiety,
fear, depression, guilt, shame, humiliation,
depression can lead to the
expression of genes involved in pain
and mood regulation. Imagination
can be used to activate specific gene expression
pathways. For example,
studies have shown that imagination
and image imagining exercises can lead
to the expression of genes involved
in muscle growth.

This would be
very interesting, I think, to
athletes. Meditation,
of course, has been shown to reduce
stress and anxiety and to increase the expression
of genes involved in relaxation
and well-being. All these findings and studies suggest
that our thoughts, feelings, emotions, imagination
and meditation can have
a profound impact on our health
and wellbeing. By practicing positive mental
habits, we can promote
the expression of genes
that supports health and wellbeing and reduce the
expression of genes that promote
disease. And this is now
the science of epigenetics, and this is how also belief becomes
biology, explains
a lot of things like spontaneous
remissions, reversal of chronic diseases, and also the future
of well-being that now
can be documented by looking at all
these studies and looking at
how these mental events affect gene expression, autonomic activity,
override sympathetic
overdrive and bring about
homeostasis, healing,

So, my friends, let's not dismiss healing, by just calling it the
placebo response. What you are doing is changing gene
expression. Transcription
and translation both and your mind heals your body through epigenetics. And this is now mainstream
science. Okay. Quantum
healing, quantum biology, quantum metabolism, quantum body,
quantum universe all point
to a self-regulating awareness as the underlying ground of all existence,
and that self-regulating
awareness is pure
consciousness. You are the field and you are also the knower
of the field. Please
give me feedback on whether this
is useful or not..

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