Peace is the Way – Create a Daily Peace Intention. Updated for 2024

Updated: May 12, 2024

On our journey to Peace is the Way
for a more sustainable, healthier, just and joyful world, we must begin with the power of intention. In previous videos I have explained that awareness
manifests reality, or perceived
reality, through attention
and intention. Attention is a way of localizing
awareness, and intention
is a way of transforming
projected reality. So you are where
your awareness is, and your intention
is the trigger for transformation. Intention,
coming from the field of all possibilities,
which means from the field
of awareness, organizes
fulfillment through infinite
correlation or entanglement. That is the nature
of reality. That is the nature
of reality. Intention organizes its own fulfillment through its
correlation, through non-local correlation, through
entanglement. Our intentions
are powerful because they shape
our reality. To set intentions
effectively, you have to be clear about what you want. So in our global
movement, for a more peaceful,
just sustainable, healthier
and joyful world, we need that

I want to be
peaceful. I want to be just. I want to have a
sustainable biology. I want to be
healthy. And most important, I have to be joyful. So when we do this,
we see that peace becomes a state of harmony
and well-being. And we can achieve peace by setting
intentions for peace and then
taking action to achieve those intentions. So intention
is the beginning and the infinite
organizing power of intention
is what projects as perceived reality. But in order to make that a
collective reality, we all need to have
the same intention. So today
I ask you to set your intention for peace, justice, sustainability, health and joy
for yourself, for your family, for your social ecosystem, for the
entire world. And then we are off
to a good start. Okay. So every day I shall share
with you ideas on how
to progressively enhance
our experience of joy. Because if you have
all those things: peace, justice, sustainability
and health. But if we begin
with joy, then all those things
will get organized because joy is the fundamental state
of the field of awareness and we are the field
of awareness, and also the knowers of that
field of awareness.

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