Peace is the Way – The Power of Peace Updated for 2024

Updated: June 25, 2024

As we continue our journey on peace is the way to a more just, sustainable,
healthier and joyful world,
let us examine the source of peace. Let us examine how peace is
created. Let us examine fundamental reality as the source
of peace in general. There are two kinds
of peace: external peace,
which is the absence of war and violence and conflict; and internal peace, which is a state
of inner calm and tranquility. Both external,
so-called external, and internal peace are essential for a truly peaceful
world. Inner peace
and what happens in the world (peace or violence) are entangled through experiences in fundamental
awareness. So peace that comes from
within is not something
that can be imposed, is not something
that can be imposed from the outside. It is something that
we are and that
we manifest. So let's look at some
of the ways we can solidify
this argument and make it
practical. One. Peace
is not simply the absence of conflict, but a state of being that is
characterized by love, compassion and understanding.

Both external peace
and internal peace are essential for a truly peaceful
world. They're entangled. Peace
comes from within and it is not
something that can be imposed
from the outside. Meditation and mindful
awareness is the process of stilling the mind
and allowing your true
nature to emerge. Our true nature is
peaceful, is joyful, is empathy
and compassion and equanimity
and love all at
the same time. When we transcend our thoughts
and meditate, we come into contact with the source of
peace that is already
there within us. So let's start our journey
by cultivating compassion
for others, practicing
forgiveness, letting go of our
clinging and grasping to all
that is impermanent and having a daily
practice, a sadhana, to go beyond
the separate mind. So this is ahimsa. Ahimsa. Peace Presence. Carry that presence
wherever you go and you will be
peaceful. You will bring peace
to others, not by what you do, not by what you say, not by any action. Just by being. Being is peaceful. Being is
the source of peace.

So let your presence heal the world. Just that. That's how we start
our journey. And as I'm going
through these different explorations in many universities and many public
forums and many academic
institutions, it is becoming
clear to me that we are
all ready for a more peaceful,
just sustainable, healthier
and joyful world. And soon
there will be a critical
mass of those who are going to be
the change they want
to see in the world. Once again,
please join us and be
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