Updated: March 22, 2024

Hello, my friends. Good day to you wherever you are. I'm pausing for a couple of days on the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra commentaries. I'm traveling at the moment, but I'll be sure to get back. But today I want to share with you an insight. I want your opinion and actually I will send this video to quantum physicists and others to get their opinion as well. So let's let me share what I want to share with you.

Everybody now agrees in the field of quantum physics that the objects that we observe, the material objects that we observe are ultimately quantum in nature, even large objects, not just miniscule. They are quantum nature as a fundamental reality, even though we experience them as objects, their source or their fundamental reality is quantum and nobody disagrees that the so-called objective world is quantum. Of course, I wrote a book called Quantum healing many years ago, which was essentially vilified by mainstream, including most importantly quantum physicists.

Currently, I'm writing a book called quantum body because if the body is a material object, it also has to be quantum. And this time, I have as my coauthors Jack Tuszyński who is a quantum physicist and, and Brian Fertig who's a neuroendocrinologist like myself. And it's about the quantum nature of our so-called physical body. But here's the real crux of what I want to share with you. You know, if you go to chat GPT or advanced AI and say "is the mind quantum?" And do you agree with Deepak Chopra and others who think the mind is quantum? They'll basically say no, it's pseudoscience, no real academic and qualified quantum physicist would agree that the mind or consciousness or whatever the observing mind is is quantum in nature and Deepak Chopra's views and even those of other scientists who have shared that view is is pseudoscience.

It's not real science. So here's my question to all of you who are listening. Is there an observed object without an observing entity that we call the mind? Essentially the mind is that helps us observe. Can there be an observing object without an observing mind? Is there an object or the experience of an object without the mind? And the answer should be obvious, you know that the observer and that which is observed are entangled in every every experience, there can't be something called observation unless there's an observer in the mind and there's something to be observed, the object, the physical object that is considered to be quantum in nature the answer is obvious you need both observer and observed to have an observation. So if the observer is the mind and the mind and that which is observed are entangled as the experience and in the deeper reality, if observer and observed are actually one, then how is the mind not quantum? What is the argument against the quantum mind? The mind obeys those principles? You know, it's a field of possibilities, let's say consciousness instead of mind consciousness field of possibilities.

Consciousness is unpredictable consciousness correlates and is entangled as mind body body universe all is unified activity. Consciousness is creative consciousness takes leaps of creativity through discontinuity. And consciousness is is unlike any object that we see and yet without it, there's no observing object. And if they are entangled and in the deeper reality subject and object are one, then what is the argument against quantum mind just that we cannot do experiments with it? Well, we need the mind to do experiments, we need consciousness to conceive and construct and and and share ideas and even talk about the objective world, which itself is a construct for human perceptual activity modified consciousness.

So mind is quantum body is quantum universe is quantum and consciousness is the source of the quantum mind, the quantum body and the quantum universe. What's the problem? What's the argument against it? Please share with me your ideas. And if you're a scientist or a physicist please share. Also, I want to learn what the argument is. I think the argument comes from naive realism, which believes in subject -object split, which believes in matter as the ontological primitive and which also believes that the human look of the universe is the real objective universe. There's no real objective universe. It's a species specific perceptual activity. Please share your ideas, comments. Disagreements over here, if you will, I'd like to start a conversation on this topic. Quantum mind quantum body quantum universe. Thank you..

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