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Shiva Sutras Svamātrānirmāṇamāpādayati Svamātrānirmāṇamāpādayati as translated by Lakshman Joo, experiencing that this objective world is the project is the product experiencing that this objective world is the product of his/her subjective consciousness. The Yogi can create anything that he or she desires. So once the world is seen as pure construct, conceived, governed, constructed and coming into manifestation in consciousness, then every manifestation is possible by taking the Here's something from the Svacchanda Tantra: by taking the deception of grossness. The Yogi becomes gross in this universe.

And by taking the deception of subtle, the Yogi becomes subtle. Therefore, existing in both the Yogi alone is the player in gross and certain words, because of the independent freedom of consciousness, the Yogi creates this universe directly from his/her own nature. So this reality of becoming the universe which is not separate from is being is obvious to the Yogi. The objective world is not created by the inherent power of objectivity because there's no inherent power in anything objective, it is created by subjective consciousness. Iśvara Pratyabhijñā Kārikā and then uh once uh more here uh from the uh uh Spanda Karika, Spanda means divine fluctuations. For the one who observes that there's no difference between the universe and consciousness, consciousness having become the universe and the universe having become consciousness. This universe is not um not seen as, as a problem. It is seen as a playful, joyful experience. Realizing this the Yogi is always, always connected to his or own or his or her own reality of self awareness.

There's no doubt that the Yogi is then liberated in this very life. Jivanmukta. This is Spanda Karika, spanda means divine fluctuations. OK. So let's go a little like deep into this. Um because er it's obvious that anybody listening to this would say, how do I create consciousness? Who's the me that creates the universe? Who's the consciousness or what is the consciousness that creates the universe? And do we in fact create the universe? Let me, you know, share with you some notes also from my past uh um you know, experiences and explorations and from what I've reflected on many, many years is matter, is a human word.

Uh to explain the way consciousness appears to itself when it is viewed through the finite or conditioned mind, the condition mind always knows experience and duality that is in subject object relationship so that the object must appear in a way that seems different from the subject. Without this distinction, there would be no manifestation. In other words, manifestation must appear as something other than the invisible, transparent, empty, non objective formless awareness. So, manifestation appears to be solid, full objective and with form. And it is for this reason that rocks and trees, even in our dreams appear to be solid.

So, manifestation as matter is a ongoing perceptual activity, which is a modification of consciousness. We've said this innumerable times. But these days, there's a movement in science called pan psychism. And uh this movement actually says that everything uh that is the universe, material universe also has a mind that mind and matter are entwined in, in every uh aspect of the universe from microcosm to macrocosm that therefore, consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe. So this, by the way, panpsychism does not work it, it, it does not work because it assumes the existence of an inherently independent substance called matter. OK. So if we start with the assumption that there is a physical universe and then try to fit consciousness into the model, we end up with a form of materialism once again. So the word universe is uh is uh actually, I've said this before means one song, but it means that all appearing as one wholeness. What is it in our experience that This universe, this whole one divided Wholeness appears. Where does this appear? This one di undivided Wholeness. Um obviously, only in consciousness, everything else we know about the universe comprises a multiplicity and diversity of objects.

But these objects are actually differentiated, perceptual activities. The only element of experience that is one undivided and whole is consciousness itself or being self-aware or the self-aware being, the universe is not conscious consciousness is the universe. So now thinking here, intention is also an aspect of consciousness. So when that intention comes from the level of nonlocal identity, then it has infinite organizing power through nonlocal correlation or what we can say a causal nonlocal quantum mechanical inter relatedness at that level intention which is also made out of consciousness. After all, you know, non duality, the intention, the thought, the feeling, the image, the desire is also made of the same substance, which is consciousness as so-called matter is made. Because matter is a word for a perceptual perceptual activity that occurs in consciousness is known in consciousness is made out of consciousness.

So the intention to manifest, it's also made of that which is manifested. OK, which is a perceptual activity that we call the physical universe. The big mistake is to think that your body is having the experience, your body, mind is having the experience. No, no, no, no. The body mind is an experience just like the universe is an experience. And they're both entangled experiences. Your body mind doesn't experience anything just like the brain doesn't experience anything. The body mind, we never say I made up my brain. We say I made up my mind and we can't see our brain. So we don't identify with it. We can see our body at least no matter we identify with it. And so we attach on to it our experiences.

But the body mind is not having the experience. The body mind is the experience. Along with the experience that we call the universe. Body, mind and universe are entangled experiences and intention coming from the most subtle level organizes the manifestation of the experience that we have because intention has infinite organizing power provided It's not bamboozled or filtered through the finite mind a little complicated. But this is how Brahman and Brahmand are the same entity. Brahman is formless, infinite and Brahmand is the infinite as form and intention is actually uh also a property of that same consciousness that intense manifestation. To understand this fully, you have to shift your identity from the body mind as the source of experience, the body mind is an experience as is the universe and their entangled experiences.

I hope this is clear. Otherwise I will try and express it uh better next time..

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