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Shiva Sutras Vidyāvināśe janmavināśaḥ Vidyāvināśe janmavināśaḥ When the Yogi's knowledge of the self is permanently established, then birth and death are gone forever and then a little bit from Lakshman Joo, so we can explore it a little further. The notion of birth and death. The knowledge of being is established in continuation. When knowledge of being is established in continuation of being means awareness, consciousness and is therefore permanent. Then the reality of repeated births and deaths no longer exists in
this sutra, the word janma includes both janma (birth) and marana (death). So the Yogi is never born and does not die. When this pure knowledge of consciousness is established in continuity, then birth and death are gone forever. What is the cause of birth? Action attached with ignorance is the cause of birth.

That action graced the body, the organs and all its limbs. Therefore, when that action, which is the cause and then the effect being created and being born also ceases to exist. OK. So um he also says, the Yogi knows that uh he or she creates the bhuta sarira, the elementary body composed of physical elements and bhava sarira, the subtle body. The subtle body exists in the dreaming and dreamless states. The elementary body exists in the waking state uh went through the successive teachings of the great masters. One is established in one's own consciousness which is supreme and pure. Then one becomes liberated Moksha Mukti Mukta. And never again comes right. comes into the universe unless by choice. OK. So these are very deep concepts that even the concepts have been recycled in uh the non dual traditions of Buddhism.

Kashmiri Shaivism uh yoga, et cetera. And when people hear these concepts for the first time, they're kind of puzzled who would not want to reincarnate uh who would not want to enjoy experience. What is it that has experience? Is there uh such an entity called a person that has an experience? So let's actually uh explore this a little bit. OK. Um As long as uh as long as we identify with the idea that what I call I AM is the body or I AM is the person that uh is aware, then everything that we think after that will be conditioned by the belief that I am the body mind.

I am uh this, I am this but uh this is not a thing, this body mind is not a thing, it's a process. And so we go back to a very fundamental question and that is where is experience happening, where is experience happening? And uh once again, all experience is happening in space right now. All experience is happening in space. I am having the experience of this. Everything else, all this, all that, all that in space, even the computer I'm using is in space. My body is in space. So we cannot deny that experience is happening in space. Seeing is not happening in the eyes. There's no um image of anything in the eyes, there's no color, there's no shape, there's nothing hearing is not happening in in in the ear and on the um vibrations are happening.

No experience, no sensory experience is happening in the organs of perception. All experience is happening in space, in space. seeing is happening in space through the eyes, of course, through the eyes, of course, hearing is happening in space through um through the ears. Of course, uh taste, smell, thinking, feeling, imagining all is happening here. But here is the happening of this with it's seeing, thinking, feeling, emoting, imagining, sensing, longing, fearing all of that this. So what I call I AM is this and all this simultaneously co-arising and simultaneously subsiding as soon as and activity arises, it also subsides. So birth and death are happening at the speed of light right now at the level of photons or electrons and all organs, sensory and motor are activities of space of chidakasha things what we call things actually do not exist.

No thing exists, we can rephrase that nothing exists. Things do not exist only activities of space exist, only activities of space exist and the person that which we call a person never experiences anything. The person along with other persons and animals and objects and rocks and trees and bacteria and fungi are co-arising simultaneously and are co-subsiding process is happening in space. Space is the only home and only identity. And when we identify with the space, the chidakasha in which all that uh happens, then uh of course, we realize that there is no such thing, even as a person, no person entity or object exists independently independently or even co-dependently, no person, entity or object exists independently or even codependent.

All things are actually a single seamless entanglement of activities. And these activities are nonlinear. They're fractal, they're transpersonal fullness without cause and without effect without cause entangled in what we can call a causal nonlocal quantum mechanical inter relatedness. So therefore, Karma is a red herring. It's based on false identity. The false identity is that you are a person. And uh when people have the so-called religious experience, this is what they experience the experience. I am as the entanglement of all activities, all sensations, all feelings, all emotions, all thoughts, all perceptions, all motor activities, everything that we can call an experience happening in chidakasha right here. And this chidakasha has no form but it is modifying itself endlessly as form and phenomena. So what recycles? What is reincarnation? The reincarnation is just the process of recycling of energy information, um subtle memory. Um and uh a process, a reincarnation is the recycling of energy information and consciousness that has identified itself with certain experiences and attach itself as that identity, which we call a person. But even in the deeper reality, the person doesn't exist, the person is the matrix of all these entangled processes.

Constantly born and constantly dying in timeless now. And we are that we are that matrix of inter being inter arising, not of things of entangled activities. So then what recycles well, that which we call a person recycles, but the person in turn is the selective identification with certain experiences and not only identification but attachment. So while this process continues eternally forever, if you as the Yogi do not identify with that process or do not attach your identity with the part process, then you are independent of the recycling, then you have the freedom to recycle as and when you want and as and when and what you want, you recycle but the U is not a person, the U is the entangled matrix of possibilities, non local correlation, all happening synchronously and timeless now. So do you want to recycle? It's the choice now, in my opinion, and this may be a little bit of a contradiction to these great teachings, in my opinion, a perfectly stable or symmetric system is not possible. It's not possible.

Total equilibrium is not possible. So there is symmetry breaking. There is what we call um there is um entropy and entropy, the process of recycling of energy information and consciousness and of course, that which we call matter, but do know that matter is a name for a narrow band of perceptual activities in awareness, a matter that which we call matter is a modified form of the self as well. Bottom line you recycle, you reincarnate, but you're also independent of it. Your true self establishing being is never born and never gone. Reflect on that. It's delightful when you reflect on that. And you realize that the separate self doesn't exist that we are an entangled web of possibilities eternally timelessly. And now..

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