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Shiva Sutras So here we go. Triṣu caturthaṁ tailavadāsecyam Triṣu caturthaṁ tailavadāsecyam The fourth state or (turya) must be expanded like oil so that it pervades the other three: waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Ok. So let's continue with that idea. What are the three states? I'm reading from Lakshman Joo right now and then I'll do uh expanded explanation. The three states are waking state, jagrat, the dreaming state svapna and the state of deep sleep. susupti, the fourth state Turya,
which is filled with pure knowledge, pure light and the ecstasy and joy of Turya must be sprinkled and expanded just as oil expands when it is poured on a smooth surface like a piece of cloth, but just as oil spreads on the surface, adhering to it. So in this way, a Yogi must expand the state of Turya into the other three states. The state of turya is found in all these three at the moment of entry and at the moment of exit. So at the time of entering into the state of wakefulness or the dreaming state or the dreamless state.

And at the time of coming out of any of these three states, the Yogi finds turya as the fundamental reality the Yogi must prolong turya in such a way that its nectar becomes established and pervades not only in the beginning but the end, but also in the middle of these three waking states. And the means to accomplishing this in all three states is to is to pay awareness. If pay attention to the awareness of awareness, hold it at the time of entry and hold it at the time of exit. This nectar of turya, turyarasa, must be properly held with full awareness so that it is expanded in the center of these three states.

Accomplishing this, the Yogi becomes one with the nectar of turya in all three states. OK. Now let's go a little further into this idea. So turya is transcendental consciousness, OK? It's consciousness itself in mental states such as feeling, thinking, imagining uh are modified states of turya OK. Turya. Turya is pure consciousness. So infinite possibilities, nonlocal correlation entanglement, acausal nonlocal quantum mechanical interrelatedness, unpredictability, creativity and self-regulation and self-organization and self evolution are the characteristics of turya or the fourth state at times, I've called it soul consciousness, a mind being a modified form of this transcendent consciousness, this consciousness which is not in space time.

OK? Actually nothing is in space time. That's a projection. But let's forget that for a moment. The closest thing is it's the witnessing awareness in which mind intellect, ego perceptions concepts arise and subside as or fluctuations of vrittis, that's the subjective experience of turya, the objective experience is the perceptual activity which you call the body and the world.

And in the deeper reality, they're all one unified process of modification. Thia transcendental consciousness, modifying itself, mind, intellect, body and world appearance simultaneously synchrony. So what uh Lakshmanjoo is saying here is that uh in between the waking states and the dreaming state and the deep sleep state in the transition is a glimpse of when there's pure awareness with no content, just pure potentiality and it's joyful, it's unbounded, it's unrestricted.

It doesn't have any form, it doesn't have any boundaries, just what you might call such. So it says, pay attention to this transition period between waking, dreaming, sleeping. So as a regular practice, what I do is before I go to sleep at night, I recapitulate the whole day and witness everything I've experienced in a very kind of um um few seconds, not too long, just observe myself when I got up, what I did, where I went, the work I did who I engaged with.

Just, just witnessing it without any judgment. And then as I drift into sleep in that transition period, I say I will maintain witnessing awareness in my dreams and my sleep. And soon it starts to happen, turya transcendental consciousness, wakes up and waking, dreaming and sleeping soon in the morning when I get up, I also recapitulate. So I recapitulate the night. And then what happens is waking, dreaming and sleeping becomes this seamless continuity like a lucid dream, during waking, sleeping and dreaming, the witnessing awareness is always present joyfully watching and not getting engaged but soon. Uh so this is non local and local awareness otherwise referred to as Turya-Tatta Turya-Tatta, and then uh if we abide in that, if we uh rest in that Turya-Tatta leads to Bhagvad Chetna, which means that witnessing awareness is experienced not only in the subject of experience, but all objects of experience. And Turya-Tatta is often referred to as cosmic consciousness. And Turya-Tatta feels itself ultimately as … which is divine consciousness. So the witnessing awareness is now present, not only in the subject of experience, but every object of experience, including a book or a phone or an object or a painting, the divine is present and there's now communion with the divine.

So nonlocal dormant potentials wake up, extrasensory perception, remote healing, remote viewing, et cetera. These are actually normal potentials, but they've just been dormant because we were kind of bamboozled by the waking dreaming and sleeping state. Divine consciousness ultimately leads to unity consciousness that is … leads to … where you realize that there is only consciousness and I AM that consciousness, the body, mind is never conscious.

The body, mind is an experience in consciousness nor is the world of animals or insects or plants actually conscious. Those are experiences in nonlocal consciousness. Nor are rocks or stars or Galaxies consciousness. Those are also fluctuations of sensations, images, feelings and thoughts interpreted in a certain way as human constructs. So you are not conscious as a body, mind. Um Nor is anything else that his own de consciousness? And I AM is that consciousness innumerable, knowers innumerable modes of knowing and innumerable objects known.

But the objects themselves are modifications of consciousness, consciousness modifying itself as Rishi the seer they without the divinity of perception of seeing and … that which is manifested … …
the unity of sear, seeing and scenery, think uh thinking and thought, know, knowing and knowledge, lover, loving and beloved at all times, we are that and in that there is no craving, no recoiling, no confusion, total clarity and infinite joy. Sat Chit Ananda So what are the methods in addition to what uh is saying those transition moments but also awareness of space also transcendence when there is no mantra, no thought also paying attention, do this stuff, not its experiences. But that sense of I am all these gradually move us from waking, dreaming and sleeping to higher consciousness. Everything that humans have valued and longed for, love, joy, equanimity, freedom from the notion or concept of death, not identifying with the karmic conceptual body, all this opens up and that is the key that is the key to higher consciousness.

The key see I have a key, here, a key to higher consciousness, the keys to high consciousness are available to you right now..

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