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Shiva Sutras Kavargādiṣu māheśvaryādyāḥ paśumātaraḥ Kavargādiṣu māheśvaryādyāḥ paśumātaraḥ OK. That sounds good for you. Everything said in basically uh three uh words. So in this shiva sutra is described how language with letters, words, sentences, stories and epics actually obscures the truth, fundamental truth. And yet without language, we do not have what we call the human universe. Everything that you know, as the universe is constructed in language.

So what uh this Sutra says, it begins with letters which are merely sounds, sounds, noises, then those sounds are structured together to create words, words have meaning and then words are the basis of sentences, stories, epics, sagas and everything that is perceivable or conceivable. So language shapes perception and perception in turn shapes language and language continues to evolve as our awareness continues to expand, written language is only about 5000 years old. So let's examine this particular Sutra. Does language obscure reality or does it uh uh reveal reality? Does language conceal reality? And does language reveal reality? It does reveal an aspect of reality. Bits of sensory perception that shape our worldview and those bits of sensory perception are actually created through language because language represents everything that we think we know um it represents our feelings, our thoughts, our sensations, our images, our biases, our likes, our dislikes, our prejudices on and on. Language is the download of a culture as appearing in an individual when a child is born.

That's what happens. Language shapes their reality. So is language a creation of human beings? Um because we are the only species that has language for narrative is language, the creation of human beings. And if so, what aspect of the human being does the body create language? Does the brain create language? There are language centers in the brain that get triggered and develop neural correlates once the brain is exposed to language. So once the brain is exposed to language, it turns on genes and turns off certain genes and you know, then activates things like the broker area, et cetera, et cetera in the brain. So we think that language is created in the brain. No language is represented as a neural correlate in the brain and the brain has no experience nor does the body have experience. So language is a creation of consciousness and it is not a creation of human consciousness. It is an evolution of consciousness itself because ultimately all experience is generated in consciousness.

All experience occurs in consciousness and all experience is made out of consciousness including the experience that we call language thought. So many years ago, I wrote a, a sentence that nature goes to exactly the same place to create a galaxy of stars or a rainforest or a rose or a thought. Because even thoughts are, are are filters of language that help us understand what we call mind, intellect, ego, subtle body, and then physical body with its energy and uh uh material appearance. But remember the appearance is just that appearance, material appearance, there's no intrinsic reality to a substance called matter, matter is a human name for human experiences as filtered through the conditioned mind, the finite mind, intellect, ego projecting as the karmic conceptual body and the experience of the karmic universe all entangled as one unified process in nonlocal consciousness but appearing through this form through this expression.

So language is a goddess in the uh in the in the Sankya philosophy, she is Saraswati and she's Athena, the custodian of not only language but culture and then science and technology and art and wisdom. The city of Athena at the city of Athens is named after Athena. And the goddess Saraswati is the custodian of human culture. And how that culture expresses itself as the human universe. But everything that language describes is conceptual and perceptual and therefore finite and transient and ephemeral.

And uh and actually in a way the ignorance of the wholeness of fundamental reality. So does language conceal the truth? Yes, language conceals the truth. That's why only in stillness can we have true knowing or what we call knowingness only in stillness is knowing, intuition insight, creativity, imagination, and uh archetypal knowing and ultimately transcendence. None of that by the way requires language. You can access all of that in stillness.

And yet through language we take qualia which are qualities of experiences, sensations, sense, perceptions, images, feelings and thought. We take this qualia soup and we selectively construct through the sounds, the letters and the words, the sentences and the epics and the stories. And those stories include all human constructs from latitude, longitude, Greenwich. Meantime, money, nation states, tribes, et cetera, all constructed through language which gives us bits and pieces of superimposed reality um or experience reality while obscuring the timeless, infinite, unbounded acausal nonlocal uh timeless fundamental reality. So conclusion language conceals and reveals, it conceals total knowing of reality. It conceals that, but it reveals uh fragmented aspects of perceptual reality, which then uh is the human universe. Language creates the human universe and uh language is not our property. It is an evolution of nonlocal consciousness, it is divine. Language is divine, although we can use it for profane purposes as well. Ok. Much to think on.

Shiva Sutras revealing us the path to enlightenment. Take care, more coming..

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