Updated: July 11, 2024

Shiva Sutras Śarīravṛttirvratam Śarīravṛttirvratam For the Yogi established in pure consciousness, the physical body is not material. It's a fluctuation of the Yogi's own awareness. The fluctuation of the Yogi's own awareness, that's the way at least the way I understand this particular Sutra sutra. Let's look at this idea a little deeply, what we call the physical body is a perceptual activity in our awareness. Furthermore, it's not only a perceptual activity in our awareness, it's the fluctuation of that perceptual activity which are called vrittis the word he uses, vrittis, which means fluctuations or, or vibrations or or Shaktis, the same thing, shaktis, vibrations, fluctuations on and off, of pure consciousness, but with a particular interpretation. And so what we call the human body is actually an activity of these fluctuations that are generated in the Self, that are experienced in the Self, that are known in the Self, and then subsequently subside in the Self. And at a very fundamental level, these fluctuations are occurring at the speed of light, literally electromagnetic activity is all there is… the whole universe is entangled, electromagnetic activity.

But the electromagnetic activity itself is an experience in consciousness. And these days, some scientists are talking about the electrome, which is the fundamental unit expressed physically or interpreted physically in the vaster electromagnetic field that we call the universe. We're not talking about gravity right now. But just at this fundamental level of electromagnetism, strong and weak interactions are fluctuations of, let's say the electrome, electrome, the basic unit of the construct we call electromagnetism. And depending on how that is vibrating, we get a species specific appearance called a body. But there is no body. The Yogi understands that and therefore does not even identify it's for hisself or herself with the body. The body is just his own fluctuations in awareness and these fluctuations are actually determined by past experiences. Even we might say metaphorically speaking past patterns of collapse. So what is called karma or the karmic body or the conceptual body? It's just that activity Prarabdha
karma means karma we come with already as we enter this world.

But then as we enter this world, it's an interpreted world. Everything is interpreted for us already. And you know, either from a spiritual point of view, scientific point of view, all of that and what we call the physical world. And the physical body and activity in that physical world is actually a human interpretation or fluctuations of vrittis. So the Yogi is established in pure consciousness understands that the physical body or the conceptual body or the karmic body is a projection. But when there is awareness of consciousness, no matter what the program on the screen is, there's awareness of the screen, no matter what the show that is going on.

The story with this so-called physical body that is all dependent on the screen. The show is dependent on the screen right now. You're watching, watching me on the screen of your computer or whatever device you have without that, there's no program and that screen is in fact modifying itself as the program. So when you really understand that the physical body is your karmic projection. And when you are aware of that in waking, dreaming, sleeping, then you realize that there is no such thing as a physical body. It's conceived governed, constructed and comes into existence as an experience in consciousness. And by going beyond karma behind the conceptual body, you have access to something called the bliss body and that this body is formless, is boundless, is baseless, is timeless, is incomprehensible. It's fundamental and it is not only projecting as the experience of your physical body as the experience and the interpretation of your physical body, but all physical bodies.

And that experience is right here in this space. This space is where we all show you and me with our thoughts and feelings, everything shows up in this theater, which is we call it the theater of spacetime and causality. But that too is a projection of the incomprehensible fundamental spaceless, timeless without cause being that you are, you're an entangled, being in an entangled universe and you are participating in the entanglement of every experience in the total universe. So do you not think of yourself as squeezed into the volume of a body or the span of a lifetime? Cheers.

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