Spring Forest Qigong Practice with Certified Qigong Trainer Richard Babboni 04-10-2023 Updated for 2024

Updated: April 11, 2024

hello hello and welcome back welcome everybody from the Spring Forest Community around the world this is Richard baboni in Los Angeles so happy to be back with you leading Spring Forest every day we have the Monday practice now gonna be on Facebook and on Zoom and you're gonna get to see me for the whole week so I'm gonna try to do a good job today benvenuti buenos dias [Music] Global Spring Forest Community such a wonderful group such a wonderful energy such a pleasure to be here with you today it is just after the top of the hour in Los Angeles we're going to get started I'm going to change my camera angle so you can see me doing the practice over here great thank you for being with us today it's a wonderful week it's the week leading up to the master of change I know that many of you are going to join Spring Forest for the master Chi and it's really a great annual event Master Lynn says that it's the annual family reunions and I think he just has so much fun seeing the people he's seen over the years and the people have so much fun being part of this community and getting his latest and greatest insights the most wonderful thing about Spring Forest Qigong in my opinion is that as a master link continues to evolve his understanding and gain additional deeper insights into the teachings he shares them with us how many Grand Masters do that it's incredible it's one of the real blessings of being part of this practice so welcome consider going to the Spring Forest conference Master Chief Conference next Saturday and Sunday if you can't make it during the live time you can always watch it on recordings it'll be lots of other wonderful teachers besides Master Lynn and uh I'm going to be there meeting next Sunday mornings practice so looking forward to seeing you there from a special location so here we go without further Ado let's get going with today's practice as always we start with the feet at the width of the shoulders or slightly larger That Base that we use in the beginning of the universe position we concentrate on our breath focusing on the center of our chest on our heart center so we slow down our breath long slow deep breaths as we come into this moment we allow us this time for the practice and we begin with our bouncing so we're bouncing from the knees shoulders are relaxed forearms and the hands moving freely breathing into the nose and out to the mouth the mouth is open just a little bit and as you breathe out you try to Exhale for a little longer than you inhale and you are aware of the air passing over your lips the vibration of the air passing of your lips the warmth of the air passing over your lips when we do this practice the awareness is important the awareness elevates the practice elevates your ability to activate your cheat to feel the Key Energy circulating in your body now we're going to raise the arms up over the head softening the shoulders letting the wrists flap really continue to breathe into the nose and out to the mouth when Spring Forest we also place a lot of attention on your intention as you're dancing bouncing what is your intention your opening all the channels in your head in your neck in your shoulders your upper chest your upper back you're moving your lymph you're aligning all your internal organs they're sending that message to your whole body that you are here to activate your chin and you're having fun with it you're enjoying your balancing remember when you're outside it's a little kid playing on a beautiful summer day you're just having fun you're just feeling good nice now loading your hands you're going to continue to bounce as you swing a little left and right one hand tapping on the side of your ribs backhand on the center of the back behind the center of the navel now that your hands slowly come to the rest at your sides and already put your awareness on your fingertips on your palms feel the tingling feel the pulsing be aware of the chi in your body let's go with the tapping and the cupping phase of the preparation tapping on the center of the cheeks under the center of the eyes nine times now on the inside of the eyebrows one two three four five six seven four cupping or patting the top of the crown and then slang your hand to the base of the head and cupping there nine times reaching for the C7 vertebrae at the top of your back and the base of your neck and again what is your intention you are opening opening opening to see sudden this important energy button on the energy highway from your tailbone to your brain bring your hands down in front now we're going to clap them nine times step open your heart Channel popping inside the left elbow inside of the right up under the left armpit under the right armpit leaning forward with looseness tapping somebody on the kidney area say good morning or good day or good evening those kidneys vital energy ornaments and then lowering the tapping down to the sacrum and now to the tailbone area alternating the speed and intensity really giving a nice vibration to the tailbone so many benefits tapping on the table and area of this vital Energy Center at the tip of your spine I'm not going to the size of the hips leaning forward covering the tops of the knees in the backs of the knees the size of your left knee in the size of your right hand slowly straightening back up bring your hands into a prayer position and bowing gently forward as you humbly ask your God the Divine the universe your spiritual master your ancestors whoever it is that for you represents that unconditional love that powerful healing energy make a specific request for help with whatever challenge you have whether it's on the physical level emotional level or even the spiritual level asking for help with your love your kindness your compassion and then once you have you let that go you bring your arms down to your sides now you pay attention to your posture as we go into the beginning of the universe position with feet are firmly on the ground all four corners of your feet on the ground your toes can curl just a little bit just gripping just a little bit your knees are bent whatever level feels right for you your spine is straightened by tucking in your shin a little bit arms are rounded hands are spread fingers are open shoulders are relaxed smile on your lips as you change your reading to breathing eating out of your nose if you can today resting the tip of your tongue behind your two front teeth on your upper palate and now really focusing on the breath putting your awareness on the in-breath any address as you breathe in let your arms rise ever so slightly as you expand the energy sensation between your arms and your body and on the exhalation Let Them Fall Back Down keeping that space between the arms and the body we're already feeling your connection and cheat in your body and the chi around you and now we amplify that connection by saying the spring as far as password together say it out loud or say it to yourself I'm in the universe you feel how that feels for you the second part is the universe is in my body you connect to that feeling with your breath in the third part of the password the universe and I combine together and now you feel your connection to all beings to all things and you feel how good that feels you feel how peaceful you feel connecting with your breath as you breathe in you're aware of your in-breath and as you breathe out you're aware of your out breath so simply it's so powerful let's begin the active exercises today with the breathing of the universe bring your hands up in front of you like they're holding a volleyball your elbows are up should relax knees are bent remember that if you want more of them physical workout you can even bend your knees a little more totally optional but you can be aware of that now as you breathing you open and expand the energy ball between your hands and as you exhale you press on the edges of the ball and you straighten back up so breathing in opening and bending the knees to drop breathing out straightening and bringing the hands back together the focus is on the hands the meridians the six meridians ending in each of your hands are connected to your major organs and your brain that's why we focus on the hands feel the tingling you feel the pulsing you feel the warmth you feel the coolness however you experience the energy put your awareness there closing your eyes if you like to go deeper into the practice deeper into the emptiness and now connecting to the universal energy of joy thinking of something that makes you feel joyful or just affirming to yourself I am joyful joyful energy is filling me up you can visualize the joyful energy entering with the in-breath from every corner your skin flowing in and around every cell every organ every tissue every bone feeling yourself filling up with joy feeling the vibration of Joy feeling the spirit in your energy to the vibration of joy powerful vibrational balance out the energy in your heart system you can visualize a beautiful red light pink light surrounding your heart healing your heart as you connect to Joy Joy Joy slowing down the breath slowing down the movement focusing on the hands feeling the energy ball pressing back on you as you press on the ball feeling it resisting you pulling back on your hands as you open them remembering that an important part of the practice is also message healing signal healing sending a message to your body affirming to yourself all of my energy channels are open they are completely open saying to yourself any energy blockages are gone gone they are so completely gone now concluding with the affirmation I know that I am healing right now I know that I'm healing faster and more completely and you feel it you know that it is true nice now let's transition by bringing our hands in front of our chest there's a space between your hands and a space between your hands and your navel men traditionally with the right hand in front of the left women with the left and from the right as you breathe in your hands move towards your body your navel moves towards your spine just slight movements as you gather the chi in your lower down Tien your energy Reservoir three inches behind your navel and on the exhalation your belly goes out and down your hands move slightly out as you relax and let go so breathing in gathering the chi and then the exhalation visualizing any energy blockage transforming into smoke turning into light turning into butterflies shooting out from your body flying away from your body Back To Nature back to the endings of the universe leaving you feeling lighter leading feeling more joyful nice now open your hands again like the beginning of the universe position and then rolling the right hand over the left forming an energy ball the elbows are out the hands are our hands look away from the body the shoulders are relaxed knees are bent smile on your lips slow down the breath long slow deep breaths using the reverse Qigong breathing if you can breathing in tucking in the navel as you gather the chi in the Lord on Tien and then fill up the lungs and on the exhalation going back down and the navel relaxing the belly pushing out relaxing as you empty out the breath completely and now we're going to roll the ball nice tracing that circle on the outside of the ball as your hands roll over the edges of the ball focusing on the hands feeling that Palms of palm energy connection as you roll out stop at about 45 degrees and press on the energy like this you're kind of pulsing on the energy you're feeling that Palm to Palm connection now continue rolling and as you turn you can imagine that your energy is inside this energy ball and you are harmonizing and balancing the energy in your whole body now you can visualize the Earth is inside the energy ball you can visualize a beautiful green light with the color of my shirt just surrounding the earth healing the Earth with this loving green light balancing the energy of the Earth your hands come over the top or below you can rotate the wrist just a little bit like you're opening or closing a jar so you maintain that Palm facing Palm connection that strong energy connections feeling that she can also expand the ball if you'd like you need it bigger or compressible move your hands in this position where you feel the energy the most nice let's bring our hands now down bring the energy ball down in front of your lower belly relax the shoulders bend the knees relax the shoulders I said that again but it's so important straighten your spine smile on your lips now let's do the harmony of the universe breathing in raising the energy ball uh feeling the energy the weight in your hands but also the Palm to Palm connection simultaneously pressing as you raise the ball opening above your head and looking up in gratitude with a smile as you receive the energy from the universe and then bringing the energy towards you your hands come together as you hold your energy and your breath over your forehead just a couple of seconds and as you release the breath bringing the energy down into your heart center and then as you come and enable you open and expand just like breathing of the universe and the exhalation your right hand is going to pass over your left you're going to fold your arms right elbow over the left palm then you're going to lean in on your right elbow and when you're there you take a relaxing deep breath and your next inhalation you open the hands lift the heel off the ground and expand the energy big energy you feel it between your hands and your palm and the ground and you can pulse here till you feel that energy on the exhalation you open the Palm release and let it Circle back down let me start again this time on the left side breathing in raising the energy up opening smiling receiving [Music] that you've gathered the energy back in holding your hands just above the forehead bringing the energy down passing your face bringing the hands to a palm position as you go to Your Heart Center at the naval opening and expanding to breathing and pressing on the cheese breathe out left hand passes over the right left elbow the right palm leading in and your left pillow take a breath the next inhalation breathing in expanding the hands right heel comes off the ground and then opens the left hand circles back down and becomes one fluid motion let's do one more set breathing in raising the energy up and you can take one two three breaths whatever feels right for you but pay attention to the breath the whole time put your awareness on the breath and your awareness on the energy sensation in your hands breathing in expanding reading out right hand crosses over the left leaning in on the right elbow breathing in breathing out as you breathe in you expand open the hands lift the left heel need exhalation right hand circles back down and we'll complete the set on the left side breathing in raising the energy up I like to take another breath here as I open and expand and gather yes thank you thank you thank you exhaling coming here but then holding the breath bringing the energy down breathing in moving out left hand passes over the right leaning in on your left elbow taking that relaxing centering breath and then next inhalation opening expanding right heel off the ground exhaling circling back down all right time flies we have to do the harvesting of chi now let's get those hands nice and warm Place The Palms on the eyes and project from the center of the Palms to the center of your eyes love light and gratitude thank you thank you thank you eyes bringing the hands down now the base of the chin to close your eyes as you press up the bridge of the nose across the forehead down the cheeks visualize the heart as you are sending love to your face now with your fingertips pulling back to your scalp sending love to your brain running from front to back from the top of the head doing one hand on the forehead cut the base of the head again nine times massage the ears let's pat down the arms and the inside and outside the other arm I mean on the chest tapping on the kitties massaging your kittens there's your palms on your back send love and light and gratitude to your kings tapping on the lower back sick Marion tapping on your tailbone early then knocking on the sides of the hips interlocking your fingers massaging your belly up on the right side down on the left side sending love gratitude to all your internal organs let's bring our feet together and do the heel drop nine times letting go on the exhalation that you fall back down and actually letting out a sigh or an hour or a heart you completely relax and let go bring your hands back into preposition value forward giving thanks to your spiritual master your God the Divine the universe your ancestors whoever is you called upon thanking them for their unconditional love and healing energy and I thank you for being part of this spring and Forest Community thank you for joining us today for this practice I want to introduce your next teacher next week you're going to have Roxy White who was a fellow classmate of mine served by trainer passing has gone Beyond and done additional certification and just embodies the Spring Forest philosophy and her lifestyle teaching you know coaching she is just it's a wonderful soul and you'll really enjoy living practice with her next week on Monday thank you again this is Richard baboni from Los Angeles wishing you a wonderful week and a wonderful practice see you next time

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