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Hello, my friends, I decided that I would finish off the Shiva Sutras before we move on to the Brahma Sutras since we've come on this long journey so far, we might as well complete it. So todays Shiva Sutra naisargikaḥ prāṇasambandhaḥ naisargikaḥ prāṇasambandhaḥ this connection with breathing in and breathing out is the true nature of the advanced Yogi. Very, very interesting. So let me explain first what Lakshmanjoo was saying and then we'll go a little further maybe. Upon returning from the eternal state of divine consciousness, the connection with breathing in and breathing out occurs naturally. It is the nature of the Yogi to travel with the breathing movement. So just as soon as the Yogi descends from the state of God consciousness or divine consciousness, the Yogi begins the journey of breathing in and breathing out.

This has already been said by Kallatta in his great text, praksamvit prane parinata the first change of divine consciousness takes place in the breath. Therefore, as long as the Yogi continues to breathe, his body must also continue to exist so that breathing is possible. So breathing makes the body possible and the body makes the breathing possible. And so the Yogi maintains this body of five elements. The word naisargikaḥ this is the nature of the Yogi explains that the Yogi's connection with breath comes about due to the nature of the subtle energy of absolute independence. svatantrya shakti Because whenever the supreme goddess of consciousness intends to create this differentiated nature, she first creates limitation in her being by entering the state of the first breath. The breathless breath called pranana pranana the breathless breath. When this pranana is existing, this body does not become lifeless. And even though the body may not breathe in and out as a body, it is not rigid, it is alive. Take your hand as an example. It is not breathing in and out and yet it is not rigid. So there is the breath of life and actually all your ancestors is genetic memory in just every movement of your hand.

So there's the breath of life also in your hand. When a woman conceives a child in a womb, that child is initially produced with the breathless breath in that child, there's no breathing, there's only life. This breathless breath is the breath of life. It's the divine connection between divine consciousness and all life all alive. So this breathless breath is the breath of life.

As the first movement of that energy, the supreme goddess is transformed into this kind of breath. And then that breath prana is transformed into the second movement of breath which is breathing in and breathing out pranana, this breath of life then begins the differentiated experience of the universe. So this attachment with the breath that appeared in the beginning is the glory of pure consciousness.

That supreme and subtle energy is all pervading. Without any impurities, always blissful, creating the entire class of energies of Shiva of pure consciousness and filled with supreme bliss. This supreme energy. mahaghoresvari … name of a goddess. Fearful for the ignorant is creative. For those who are blissful and destructive. For those who are unaware. mahaghoresvari destroys the sphere of time which flows in three ways as ida, pingala, and susumna which is existing in Prana apena and samana which is found in present, past and future. Wow. So so much knowledge in that one, Sutra. Now let's make this practical right? This moment. So take a deep breath through your nose. OK? And realize that in this one breath, there are 10 to the power of 22 atoms that you're inhaling from the universe 10 to the power of 22 atoms in that one breath. You are actually engaging with the breath of existence. Take a deep breath and every atom here is coming from all of life everywhere, every atom that's coming here from trees, from plants, from other sentient beings.

So this particular breath is the entanglement of our existence, this breath and as you take it in and as you know, it goes to the lungs after the terminates et cetera. Et cetera. Then the same breath pervades every cell in your body, every cell in your body. So what are you bringing to every cell in the body? The entanglement of existence through breath. Let see those cells in your body, your brain, your mind and me at the deepest level, we are entangled, not only as breath, but as energy, as the quantum field, as information, as matter and as everything that exists in the universe, in that one breath, the entanglement of our common breath, which we call the atmosphere, the entanglement of energy, ok vital energy at a very fundamental level, the entanglement of mind because right now my mind is entangled with your mind, the entanglement of brain, the neural network that we are creating through the internet, the entanglement of our bodies because the same atoms once manufactured in the crucible of burning stars are in you and me and we are recycling through each other.

So we are entangled in mind, in brain, in body and also our experience of the universe as long as we use the same instruments, brain and mind. So the yogi by knowing this breath as the breath of the divine and this is in the Bible. Also the Lord God made humans from the dust of the ground and breathed into their nostrils, the breath of life and we became living souls.

So the breath is the connection between the divine consciousness, what we call awareness of soul and then the entanglement of every experience in the universe that one breath is your ticket to knowing that you are the total universe localized for the time being as a verb in spacetime. And this theater that is also projected the theater of spacetime causality. So the Yogi by understanding the secrets of Pranayam and one secret he mentioned just now is the breathless breath. So you can do where you prolong your breath, where you hold your breath, come back up, then you inhale your breath and then you prolong your breath again. There are techniques and I'll share them with you where you can reduce your brain waves to less than four, about two per two cycles per second, which is the same state as deep sleep, but you're fully awake. And this is a longevity breath that I'll share with you. But there are other kriyas that you can do where you combine breath with awareness, attention, intention to regulate everything that's happening in your body and your connection to the universe. And what we call the breathless breath is the transcendence of breath.

And when breath is transcendent through or mantra meditation, and everything comes to a sense, space time, energy, matter information, all disappear provided your eyes are closed as well. And all sensations, images, feelings, thoughts surrender to their infinite source. And that is the breathless breath. Time comes to a stop cells, sensations, images, feelings come to a stop thoughts come to a stop and the divine is breathing through you without breathing breathless breath. The key to freedom, enlightenment, an infinite correlation, entanglement with the universe.

More to come. I have to finish this before we start the the Sutras. what we call the Brahma sutras as explained by Shankaracharya Thank you..

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