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Shiva Sutras today is the last installment of the Shiva Sutras. And then we'll move on to something else. I haven't figured out what. Brahma Sutras. maybe, rajayana, buddhist techniques, mayomudras… don't know, I will need a couple of days of incubation to think what's next. And you can also give me your ideas if you want. bhūyaḥ syātpratimīlanam bhūyaḥ syātpratimīlanam OK. That's the sanskrit. But basically, the direct translation says the Yogi simultaneously and repeatedly experiences the revealing state and the concealing state of the objective world. Let me use maybe a slightly different contemporary interpretaion of this Shiva Sutra so the divine is both concealed and revealed in the world appearance.

The world appearance includes all this, including this body. But also world appearance includes the body, mind because body and mind go together. So body, mind and world appearance is experience and it is also called differentiated experience right now. As I look at this world, look at my own body, look at this computer, look at objects, et cetera. The eye that looks is divine, nonlocal being the I, when we say I AM not I am Deepak Chopra. I AM because in I AM is the experience of a changing Deepak Chopra and a changing experience that we call the world, which is the activity of I AM as I am this and I'm that but I AM is not in the body, the body is an activity in I AM. I AM is not in the mind, the mind is an activity and I AM I doesn't exist in the world. The world is an activity in I AM. Body, mind and world are fluctuations of I AM. I AM curves back within itself to create again and again, this is the expression called prakṛtim svām avastabhya visrjami punaḥ punaḥ Curving back within myself, I create again and again that which I go back to is not in space time that which I go back to that which I call I or just I AM is not in space time and it is formless infinite, irreducible fundamental without cause, baseless, timeless, infinite and comprehensible formless but is constantly fluctuating as form and phenomena.

But the fundamental direct fluctuation is simply qualia, qualities of sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, that's it. So I AM is not in time and its fluctuations which are ceaseless are also not in time. OK? So the qualia are not in time because they're constantly fluctuating. OK? And returning back to the formless form and formless are alternating in what we call the eternal Now, the eternal now is both formless but also the fluctuating forms like a changing whirlpool, let's examine changing whirlpool. So the, the whirlpool is made of water, but it's activities or currents and changing forms are also ceaselessly fluctuations of water or behaviors of water. So both the formless and that, which acquires form are eternal, formless and form are eternal, except that the form is changing. Ok. But the form never goes away just like let's say, there's an ocean with its currents and whirl pools and and different patterns of behavior. But it's all ocean still, it's water and the water never goes away and the fluctuations don't go away, but they keep changing and out of that is born in the ocean, all of the life of oceans, all that is we call the life, you know, fish and marine plants and marine life.

And everything from snails to octopuses, to whales, to little teeny weenie, sardines, all that and ultimately dolphins and mammals, all a fluctuation of the ocean itself as form and phenomena. So form and phenomena consistently and eternally change, however, they never go away. And so does the formless never goes away. So reality is timeless, eternal and we call it now, of course, we create a storyline around it, a beginning and a middle and an ending which is totally artificial. So we give beginning to say this body. And let's call it a birth or depending on what you want, you can give this body a … anytime. Is this body conceived at birth? Was this body… Did this body start its journey at conception or did this body start its journey when your father and mother looked at each other with desire or did this body start when primates and humans took off different lines of experience.

Or did this body start with the, with the beginning of evolution, biological evolution or did this body start when the Big Bang occurred or this body's potential, does it exist in the quantum vacuum? All very arbitrary, all very arbitrary. The fact is that the body is just an internal process of transformation in the eternal now and it changes appearances, it changes appearances during a lifetime and then when this storyline is over, it incubates and shows up as other appearances.

Every child that is born a recycling of qualia and an evolution of qualia. That's what but the eternal now contains both the formless and that which is constantly transforming and evolving as form. And we are THAT we are the eternal now, you are the eternal now and the eternal now is the source of what we call body, mind and world appearance and experience. So where does time come in? Time is actually created in the moment you start to identify with the selective fluctuations that you call me and mine. Not I I is the source of me and mine and me and mine is the temporary fluctuation, a storyline and a bigger storyline. But I am always now and my fluctuations as the experience of the theater of spacetime and causality with with all these amazing world appearances and nature and clouds and sunshine and moon and sky, and stars and Galaxies and feelings and emotions and thoughts and ideas.

The incessant fluctuating activity of I AM as I am this and I'm all this and all that that never ceases. So where does time come in by selectively identifying with some fluctuations and saying that's me that the moment the self is sacrificed for the self image, time is born and time is the consumer and we are its food. And so if you want to experience a true self, then all that is needed is to be here. Now Be Be here, which is both formless and fluctuating eternal form. Now and in that be here now is a conquest of time and the conquest of mortality.

It is a shift in identity. That's it. From the fluctuations to the source of all fluctuations is the conquest of death and the conquest of time. So that's it for the Shiva Sutras. All the best. Now, I'll start thinking, what should I explore with you next … as it's called, or some Buddhist techniques or Brahma Sutras. Let me think and then we'll go from there..

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