Spring Forest Qigong Guided Practice with Certified Qigong Trainer Sarah Adams Marr Dumas Updated for 2024

Updated: May 20, 2024

hello hello hello welcome welcome welcome to Spring Forest Qigong every day 
we're getting things set up here so   you can get yourself ready getting 
a glass of water getting settled   in allowing yourself to get ready and prepare 
for our practice relaxing into those practice   and we'll be going in just a minute here 
and I'm so pleased to be here with everybody   it's a beautiful beautiful day 
it's always a beautiful day and welcome welcome thank you for joining me 
for Spring Forest Qigong every day it's an honor   and always a pleasure to be here with everyone 
and just the most amazing Spring Forest Qigong   community that we have I feel so blessed to be 
part of it um and I'll be looking at everyone's   comments later if you want to put a healing story 
in or just say hello say where you're coming from   it's always fun to find out where everybody's 
coming from and I'm in Southern California   I'm Sarah Adams Mar Dumas and I'm a Spring Forest 
Qigong practice group leader and level one trainer   and I have classes just about every month and 
my next one's in September so you're welcome to   check the spring course Qigong website or go to 
marvelouslife.com that's marvelous life with two   r's here two r's marvelouslife.com and for any 
classes or healing so um it's just wonderful to   be here with everyone we just wrote out a storm 
the first tropical storm in Southern California   and an earthquake so it's been very adventuresome 
and exciting here but we're here and safe and   everything's okay and that's the main thing and 
what do you do when there's a tropical storm for   the first time ever in an earthquake well first 
you prepare while getting lots of water light   candles all these things food right and then you 
do what you're going so maybe we just rocked the   world too hard with the Qigong here so what 
I'd like to do today is the five elements so   masterlin is always telling us and created the 
five elements to support all of our body those   five beautiful main organs the liver the heart 
the stomach spleen Energy System the lungs the   kidneys and it's a whole beautiful cycle right um 
we can it's important to know that it's a holistic   practice so maybe we're having problems with our 
kidneys and maybe we want to give them a little   extra love but we got to remember all of the 
Five Element organs we want them to be healthy   because if we're loving the kidneys and then 
the liver becomes unhealthy that's not going   to help our body by doing the five elements 
we're naturally taking care of our body and   healing our body keeping our body healthy I 
know for me I feel a lot more energy I feel   more alive when I'm doing my five elements 
every day so why don't we get started here we go so why don't we get started with bouncing   and we can our feet so my feet are shoulder width 
apart here and my knees are gently bouncing I'm   just gently bouncing here my shoulders are 
nice and relaxed my arms are to my side   then what I like to do is close my eyes when 
I'm bouncing and really feel into this practice   I like to feel the chi coming alive and 
my body and I think of it as sparkles   I see myself sparkling and I feel the sparkle 
inside and when I bounce what I like to do   is imagine everything I don't need is falling 
away and remember it's not good or bad we're just   simply letting go of it so maybe there's anxiety 
or stress depression anger fear hatred we can just   let this bounce to the Earth and the mother earth 
she compost this for transformation to be used   for something else just like we do in the garden 
we compost the actual vegetables and fruits and   we put that in the garden for nourishment a new 
translator and that's what we're doing here when   we Bounce It Off we can put our hands over our 
head you can put them halfway if that feels more   comfortable or leave them down to the side and 
notice my hands are gently going up and down   they're relaxed so we're opening up channels at 
our rest and she'll even if you're imagining your   arms are over your head feel your lungs opening 
the stomach spleen underneath your arms feel that   openness as your arms are over your head remember 
you're doing something beautiful and wonderful for   yourself I like to really feel into that and 
smile to myself but I'm taking care of myself   and as I smile I feel that love inside 
of me those endorphins filling my body   healing me more we can take 
that smile to the world   smiling through stress even or fear and anxiety 
we can bring that smile and open our hearts   blow it in our hands downwards slowly and 
gently to the side now we can twist side to side   I like to tap my lungs and my kidneys when 
I go side to side but you don't have to   I just like to do that and we're opening 
our spine on our hips and when we balance   we're strengthening our bones lubricating 
our ligaments our joints it's so powerful   now underneath the eyes we're tapping just beneath 
our pupils and there's a bone underneath there   tapping that bone opening the stomach Energy 
System beginning of the eyebrows opening the   bladder channels we're preparing our body for our 
practice just to get the most out of our practice   like when we stretch before we work out cupping 
our hand like we're holding water top of the head   one two three four five six seven eight 
nine base of the head cupping our hand   one two three four five six seven eight nine 
and let's open that C7 so if we Bend our head   forward just a little bit there's a big bump at 
the top of our spine a big bump there and we can   massage it in a circular way back and forth we're 
opening the super highway from our body to our   brain and our brain to our body we have a lot of 
Lanes on this freeway and our head and our body   and it gets a little congested we can do this 
at any time of day this is great for infection   healing colds so many wonderful things cupping our 
hand inside our left arm one two three four five   six seven eight nine right side one two three four 
five six seven eight nine underneath the left arm   one two three four five six seven eight nine right 
side one two three four five six seven eight nine   interlacing our fingers and I like to call this 
loving my digestion and we're going right up left   down right up left down right up left down now 
this is wonderful for our digestion also we're   brain our bladder our longevity masterlin 
suggests doing 300 and even better 600 a day   and I'm at 710 711 loving that digestion 
it's a good thing loving digestion   and a gentle fist popping through our 
tailbone tailbone and lower back here   another great thing for our brain which is a 
gateway to our Vitality our Vitality is our kidney   Energy System very powerful tapping the tailbone 
thumbs in our fists and we have dimples here   one two three four five six seven eight nine and 
let's clap our hands for ourselves each other and   our hearts one two three four five six seven eight 
nine and we can go on our toes now you don't have   to put your arms in the air you can even hold a 
chair or a couch if you want to and I'm just going   up on my toes and dropping down one two three four 
five six seven eight nine and cupping our hands   here and getting our knees so I'm at the top of 
my knees one two three four five six seven eight   nine back of the knees one two three four five six 
seven eight nine last name one two three four five   six seven eight nine right knee one two three 
four five six seven eight nine beautiful okay   now we're ready for our beautiful five 
elements practice feet are shoulder width apart   my toes are gently very gently gripping the ground 
and let's scan up and go to our knees and if we're   standing there's slightly bent remember 
you can do the standing sitting lying down   and if you start out standing and you need 
to sit or lie down you can finish in that way   as we scan our body and we're 
standing our knees are slightly bent   moving up through our hips becoming very present 
in our bodies here moving through our torso our   shoulders are relaxed arms rounded to the side 
Palms facing behind my fingers are open and   a little curve like I'm holding a small ball 
moving through our neck to the top of our head   there's a golden string or a String of 
Pearls gently pulling our head up straight   shading our spine and our neck tongue of 
the roof of the mouth just behind our teeth   and a nice gentle smile we can inhale and exhale 
out our nose if that feels comfortable to us today   otherwise breathing in a way that's most 
comfortable and see behind your navel or feel it   a dim light with Mists in your lower Dan 
Tien which is right behind your navel   and a light in the sky your beloved Master coming 
to join you and support you for your practice   and your Masters anyone or anything that you 
completely trust was pure High vibration loving   energy could be Kwan Yin could be your God could 
be masterlin unconditional love Divinity Mother   Earth Mother Teresa so let's merge with our 
Master by saying something like beloved master   thank you for joining me for my Qigong 
practice today for opening all my energy   channels to raise my vibration completely 
healing my body my spirit my mind my emotions   so I enjoy perfect health Vitality peace joy 
prosperity wisdom and I thrive in every aspect   of my life and we can bring others in that maybe 
need extra special care and we can see them here   vibrant glowing healed healthy bringing in our 
pets on our beautiful planet and all beings   so let's take a quiet moment and set 
that powerful intention for our practice   and remember you can say I want to heal my 
knee or I want to heal this disease in my body let's thank our Master knowing it's already 
happening and the Spring Forest Qigong password   I am in the universe let's breathe that in   the universe is in my body feel that powerful 
merging the universe and I combined together   and there's a column of light inside your body 
from the top of your head to the bottom of your   torso and that light could be green maybe it's 
rainbow colors right hand over a heart center   left hand over the lower Duncan the navel 
fingers open we're not touching our body   right elbow upward left elbow downward I want 
our right hand gets to our face we can bring   our right elbow downward and our left elbow 
upward with the left hand inside the right hand   and it's a gentle slow Movement we might 
even slow it down a little bit more here   knowing that Master Lynn we'll do this 
and in 29 minutes we'll do one repetition   this more slowly we move the more powerfully I 
practice works for us moving the yin and yang   to balance our liver Energy System and I like 
to go deep within and feel all the channels open   open open [Music] I imagine it like water 
clear clear water flowing through my body   a dam is removed and that clear water opens 
up gently and moves easily in my body and I   like to feel into that during my practice and 
that knowingness that what I'm doing is working   there's no right or wrong we know 
that it's working we can let go   we can let our master and the password 
support us and we can let ourselves go away   to what we call the emptiness wherever all 
the Healing Begins allowing it in our bodies   allowing our bodies to heal themselves our 
bodies already know how to heal themselves   and we're helping with our practice tools let's 
inhale in green light through all pores of our   skin feel the coming in moving through your 
body to your lower Duncan behind your navel   and let's exhale out the excess energy   and it's butterflies flying taking the 
success energy to the ends of the universe   ladies when your right hand gets to your lower Dan 
Tien we can pause there gentlemen when your left   hand gets to your lower Dan Tien pausing there 
and bring your opposite hands to the outside   and we're not touching our body and the hands 
aren't touching take a moment several gentle   deep breaths see that dim light with the Mist 
behind your navel and your lower dungeon inhaling   in elbows opening gently slowly exhale elbows 
coming in nice and gentle breathing the universe to balance the heart to Energy System you feel that gentle movement you can bend 
your legs gently or deeply if you're standing   and you don't have to do that you can keep 
your knees loose more quickly activated to Chi   foreign in my body my fingers my hands 
or maybe the Heat or the coldness   knowing that any blockages that are there are 
opening opening opening what a beautiful thing   unless inhale and red light filled 
with joy through all pores of our skin   filling us up from head to 
toe going to the Lord until exhale out and the excess energy turns into 
dragonflies flying to the ends of the universe   remember it's only excess energy it's not good or 
bad it might come in the form of pain or illness   or excess emotion like fear anxiety depression 
grief anger hatred they're not good or bad there's   simply too much and it's time to let them go and 
we can bless them and love them and let them go   floating our hands downwards slowly and gently 
to the sides raising our arms over our head   to connect Heaven and Earth balancing 
our stomachs spleen Energy System   at any time during this practice you can 
bring your arms halfway or down to the side   and imagine you're holding that big beach 
ball if it feels comfortable you can   deeply or gently bend your knees if you're 
standing otherwise keeping your knees loose feel your feet go nine feet deep into the Earth 
feel that powerful Earthly energy the connection   at the bottom of your feet as it comes in 
moving through your ankles and your legs   grounding in every cell moving through your 
torso into your stomach spleen Energy System   through your shoulders and your shoulders relax 
even more your arms to your fingertips and the top   of your head feel that golden liquid light coming 
into your fingertips in the top of your head   moving through your body down your arms and your 
torso feel the peace of that golden liquid light   peace from the heavens feel into your cells 
filling with this peace and golden liquid light   anything you don't need is dissolved   moving through your stomach spleen Energy System 
your hips your legs into your feet and your toes   and we can use the powerful energy 
of our thoughts and our words   and say I am filled with peace and groundedness 
peace and groundedness are all around me   let's inhale and Golden Light 
through all pores of our skin   moving through our body to our Lord [Music] let's 
surrender the exhale and release what we don't   need let the dragonflies and the butterflies 
take it to the ends of the universe to compost   float in our hands downwards 
slowly and gently to the side   gently touching our fingertips 
in front of our Lord right foot out a little bit here inhaling in 
leaning to the left and pausing for a moment   exhale to the right connecting with our 
bodies energy balance the lung Energy System and if you want to you can twist 
your body but you don't have to and it's a gentle rocking swaying back and forth   and I like to feel all the channels open 
open open [Music] we bring in contentment it was very now moment I like to feel 
contentment all of us practicing here   together [Music] raising our vibrations 
which raises the vibration of our home   our neighborhoods our cities Town country 
in the world I like to settle into my body   and feel the contentment of that and 
how wonderful it is to be here together knowing that all my channels are opening and 
my practice is working for me what a blessing it's just a gentle rocking back and forth and 
coming to Center and Stillness and pausing   bringing our right foot in hands and prayer 
posture gently touching our fingertips in the base   of our palms and there's a lot of spot between 
our hands connecting with our hearts energy   balance the kidney Energy System we can bow 
with the waste of the neck or dolphin the neck   we don't have to to connect with our hearts energy 
inhaling in and we can bow if we want to bow   and I'm so thankful for spring forestry gone 
Master Lynn Jackie wrong everyone at the center   sharing their Brilliance their expertise 
and all our love radiators around the world   isn't that amazing exhales they 
come up inhale bowing [Music] I'm   so thankful for marvelous cheese Circle 
self-care connections and joyful laughter   this powerful community that love some supports 
each other and the good times and the bad times   I feel so blessed and honored to be a part 
of it exhales make them up inhale bowing I'm so thankful to be here with 
everyone today praising our vibrations   raising the vibration of our planet healing 
ourselves and each other exhales they come up   I'm so thankful my kidney 
Energy System detoxes fear   and I'm thankful that I can bring in gratitude 
to balance when there's too much fear   cause I know fear isn't good or bad exhale as we 
come up coming to Center and Stillness and pausing   ladies your right hand over your lower dantian 
with your left hand over your right hand   gentlemen your left hand over your lower 
dance yen your right hand over your left hand   whatever way feels comfortable for you 
today taking several gentle deep breaths   see that dim light in your lower dantian behind 
your navel start to spin really really fast   getting smaller and smaller yet brighter 
and brighter tucking way behind your navel   you've nourished your lord on Tien you've 
nourished your body mind spirit and soul let's breathe that in and own it and 
rub our hands together Palm to Palm   back and forth between our fingers 
back and forth between our fingers   beautiful harvesting that Chi a little soothing 
after we come out of our beautiful meditation   and we can massage our face by running our 
fingers up our nose and around our face   there's lots of energy points that go to 
our body we can massage our face anytime   and say I love my beautiful face and I want 
to say I love all of your beautiful faces   calming back our scalp front to back 
front to back front to back front to back   beautiful cupping our hands front to back I like 
to love my genius brain loving that genius brain   cupping the base of the head one two three 
four five six seven eight nine massaging our   ears pulling on the lobes massaging on 
the ears pulling on the lobes beautiful and cupping inside our left arm inside outside 
get the back of our hands inside outside   hitting the back of our hands right side 
Inside Outside Inside Outside beautiful and on the front down the front we're grounding 
in the chi a beautiful activated she I like to see   myself smiling this is the left side I'm cupping 
down I like to see myself smiling this beautiful   cells smiling we can do three six nine tapping 
through our tailbone that gateway to vitality we can cup our kidney Energy System and massage 
it with the back of our fists in the palms of our   hands and if we can't reach we get as close as we 
can and say I'm sending vibration and gratitude   to my kidney Energy System all channels open 
open and our hips one two three four five six   seven eight nine and let's get those knees top of 
the knees one two three four five six seven eight   nine back of the knees one two three four five six 
seven eight nine left knee one two three four five   six seven eight nine lightning one two three four 
five six seven eight nine thank you everybody for   being here with me I'm Sarah Adams Mar Dumas and 
it has truly been an honor and I'll see you soon

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