The Akashic Field, Quantum Fields and You Updated for 2024

Updated: July 4, 2024

let's try a few experiments
to understand the nature of the
Akashic field. The source
of all experience. So look at any
object around you. Look at any object
around you. Or just
look at your hand. And in between the object,
and the object that you call
your body mind,
there's a space. The space is not
directly seen. It is inferred in experience
because of the object
of perception. And this object,
which is also an object
of perception. Right? Because you perceive
the body. So the space is an inferred
experience. You don't directly see visually
this space. You experience it as this inferred space. Now, science
tells us that a cubic centimeter
of this space has more mass energy
than the entire visible universe. So this space
is not empty, but imbued
with energy. And I would posit
also information. Now, close your eyes and
imagine your hand. And imagine
your body. Or imagine
two objects and experience
exactly what you experience
with your eyes open and you have
an experience of mental object.

Mental objects and mental space. Okay,
so this space is the subtle space. Subtle space. The other was gross,
or physical space. This is mental
space. The gross
or physical space in Vedanta and yogic
traditions is called Bhut Akash and then the mental space is called Chit
Akash. Okay, Now there's
another space which
is even beyond that. And that is that
space which is unimaginable,
that is irreducible, that is fundamental, that is without
cause, that has no shape, no borders, no form; that is infinite,
that is incomprehensible. Okay? That can only occur
when we transcend the experience of mind and body
through meditation.

And in that
transcendence, we know that space as the inner being that is differentiating
itself into both mental
and physical space. Okay? Both mental
and physical space. Now, in
Vedic philosophy, this is
Akasha, okay? Akasha
is the physical element of space,
is the most common understanding
of Akasha. And it is one of the five Mahabhutas,
or five elements. And in Indian philosophy,
or we say Vedantic philosophy or yogic
philosophy. Akasha
is the subtlest of the five elements,
and it is said to be the substratum,
the ground of sound, because vibration
travels through, through space.

vibration, which is the basis
of all experience. So this space is
also associated with the mind
and consciousness. Akasha is the subtle
or spiritual space is more esoteric and is sometimes
referred to as causal space or the space
of consciousness. Akasha in this sense
is the ground of all being, and it is said
to be the source of all creation, which is also associated with the divine
or absolute. So if we go and understand
these two main types of Akasha,
there are also a number of other ways
in which Akasha is understood. For example, Akasha sometimes associated
with ether, the fifth element
in Greek philosophy. It is also associated
with prana or vital energy
and with the bindu or point
of potentiality. So Akasha
is the common substratum of sound. Akasha is the source
of creation. Akash is the ground
of all being. Akasha is the space
of consciousness. This means that
Akasha the ground
of all awareness and all
consciousness, and ultimately
arises from the subtlest causeless akasha, which is called
Maha Akash.

So the physical space is called
Bhut Akash. The mental space is
called Chit Akash. And then the ultimate
causal space is Maha Akash. Maha Akash. And the understanding
of all of this put together is that deeper
understanding of what is called the Akashic field. Akashic field. So what is the
Akashic field? It's also known as
the Akashic Library or Akashic Plane. It is a concept,
again, in Indian philosophy
that refers to the universal field
of knowledge that contains
all information about everything that has ever happened,
is happening and will ever
happen. It is believed to be
a nonphysical, nonmental
plane of existence and is described
as a library or archive where all the records are

So here are final thoughts
about Akasha. It is a universal
record of all events, thoughts
and feelings. It is accessible
to all, not all people, but all those with
the proper training, especially
in meditation and transcendence. And by accessing
the akashic field, we can get insights into so-called
past lives, previous
dreamscapes, current problems, future
probabilities, and also accessing
the Akashic field for healing and
spiritual growth. Now, how does this
relate at all, or does it to quantum fields? So quantum
fields are basically the fields that generate
virtual particles that appear
according to the uncertainty
principle and can be detected in various ways, including, you know, indirect, indirect
ways of directing.

But the Akashic,
the quantum fields cannot be directly seen or or or examined. And these quantum
fields are present
in ordinary space, which is
full of energy. The energy
that comes from the quantum
fields is is creating
the basic building blocks
of the universe. And the quantum
field is present
in ordinary space, what we are
calling Bhut Akash. It is the medium through
which all particles and forces interact. The quantum field is not a physical object, but rather a mathematical
description of the underlying reality
of the universe. It is through
the quantum field that we can
understand the behavior of particles
and forces, and it is through the quantum field
that the universe is created
and sustained. The electromagnetic
field, which is responsible
for light and electricity
is an expression of the quantum
field. The weak nuclear force,
which is responsible for radioactive
decay, is an expression of
the quantum field. The strong
nuclear force, which is responsible for holding the nucleus of an atom
together is the quantum
field, The Higgs field,
which is responsible for giving mass
to particles, is the quantum

So what is the
difference between the quantum field and
the akashic field? The difference is
the Akashic field is felt to be the
field of awareness. The quantum field is so-called
objective understanding of the same field. But in science
it is not considered to be self-aware. I would say that's
the next step that science
needs to take. The quantum field
has to be understood as a field
that is self-aware and knows itself
by differentiating into so-called particles,
forcefields, atoms, molecules, and the material

Let me know what
you think of this..

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