You are the field of awareness that knows itself as the universe. Updated for 2024

Updated: May 21, 2024

Hello, friends. As we explore
quantum body, quantum mind,
quantum universe, I want to extend
that conversation now and will
continue to do so because I think
the quantum model is as close
as we can get to in consciousness. But right now let's discuss
something which is in a way
mind boggling, and that is what is the source
of experience? What generates experience? What is the
experiencer? And what happens
to the experience after it is generated and where is the experience
happening? Where is this
experience right now that you're having by watching this video? Where is that experience
happening? Where does
experience happen? Where does
experience occur? Where is experience
generated? Where is experience
either enjoyed or
not enjoyed? And what happens
to experience after it's over? Okay, so now, let's do a little exercise of meditation
on experience.

So I'm
holding the book and you can say that this is an object. This book is
an object. But before
you can call it an object, a book is
an experience. Okay. Before
you can call this an object or a book out there, it is an experience
somewhere. Okay, before
I repeat that, before
you can call this an object out there, it is an experience
somewhere. And that experience goes along with
this experience. This experience,
which means this body-mind
and that experience are entangled. Entangled means they are
in super position.

Entangled means
they go together. Entangled means that they are
correlated entanglement
means that they are simultaneous. Okay, but not only
is this experience and this experience
entangled, everything else
is also entangled with that
experience, that painting,
that object, you, watching this. We are all entangled
in the experience. You can't have an object
of experience without this
object of experience or all these other objects
of experience. Notice I said, This is an object
of experience. This is an object
of experience. That is an object
of experience. You are an object
of experience. I am an object
of experience. Our minds
and thoughts and images
and imagination are all objects
of experience. So where
and what is having this experience? And the only conclusion
can we see? One of the reasons
why we have problems with the so-called
hard problem of consciousness. We think that
the mind is the subject
of experience.

No. Mind,
intellect, ego are all experiences
in the same way as this is an experience, and this body is
an experience and this is
an experience. So what is having this experience
simultaneously? What is having this experience
simultaneously? The only answer is
consciousness or awareness and since that consciousness
or awareness cannot be found in the
objective world because everything that we call
the objective world is the recycling
and evolution of experience. Then it is
obvious that this experiencer,
the subject of all experience, is formless. Being formless, it
has no boundaries. Having
no boundaries, it's infinite and being infinite,
it is not subject to birth and death. Being infinite,
it is also unimaginable. Being infinite,
it is everywhere, being infinite,
it is timeless and being infinite, it is immortal. Where and what
is this experience? And I can only come
to one conclusion. This experience is happening in a field of consciousness
that knows itself as the objects
of experience. And that field
of consciousness is you. You're
not a body mind having
the experience of the world. There's no
you inside a body experiencing
an outside world.

There's no
you to be found. You cannot be found
in your body. Okay? But your body is an
experience in you. And that body mind experience in you is entangled with everything that we call
the universe. And that is the field
of consciousness. And that is the knower of the field
of consciousness. This is chapter 13 of the Bhagavad
Gita, where Lord Krishna says, I am the field and I'm the knower
of the field.

The only difference
between this field of awareness and
the quantum field is that quantum
scientists do believe that the physical world
emerges from a field
of possibilities, from a field of
uncertainty, from a field of
correlation. But current science
does not think that the
field is conscious. But if it was not
conscious, then how would it organize experience And only
consciousness can organize
experience. Only consciousness can generate
experience. Only consciousness can enjoy
experience. And ultimately
all experience subsides in that
same consciousness. You are the field
and you are the knower
of the field and you are timeless and immortal, not subject
to birth and death. So if you just shift from this identity
of being a person to the awareness
in which the person is in the
entangled process with all other processes that we
call the universe, then you have arrived
where you started from.

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of our
exploring is to arrive where
we started from. And know the place for the first time. We are the field and we are the
knower of the field. And there's only
one of us. Everything else is the
organization of that field,
into knowers, knowing and that
which is known. Observers observing and that which is
observed. Seers, seeing and the changing
scenery. Ultimately the seer,
the seeing and the changing
scenery are the field
of consciousness and the knower of the field
of consciousness. Let me know if this
makes sense to you, because if this becomes your experience, you
will be liberated from suffering. Also, you will know
your true self. You will
spontaneously evolve and you will lose
the fear of death..

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