I am the field and I'm also the knower of the field. Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 13 The field is pure consciousness and the knower of the field is also pure consciousness, but it knows experience and it does so through modifying itself into the 24 modes of knowing andContinue Reading

Continuing with a deeper understanding of I am the field, And I'm also the knower of the field. The field is pure consciousness, infinite possibilities, infinite correlation, unpredictable, infinite creativity, self-regulation, self evolving and the source of attention and intention, the source of all the experience. But the field isContinue Reading

I am the field and I'm also the knower of the field chapter 13 – Bhagavad Gita Upanishads and Brahma Sutras as well. Same idea, the field modifies itself into modes of knowing and experience. So we said the first mode of knowing is the witnessing awareness, the “I” experience.Continue Reading

OK, I am the field and I'm also the knower of the field. The field is the field of consciousness. And the knower of the field is also the field of consciousness. In the last video, we explored a mode of knowing called, “I”, the witnessing awareness. As I said,Continue Reading

Brahma Sutras and related scriptures. So let me see what the sutra translation says today. अपि च स्मर्यते In perfect meditation Brahman is experienced. And from there, the shruti and smriti. OK. This needs a lot of elaboration. So let's go through a few things. First of all, if youContinue Reading

Good morning. How are you? So I'm continuing with the Brahma Sutras and other related scriptures. And today's Sutra is an extension of previous Sutras. Basically Brahman is present in every experience. So Brahman is present in every experience, Brahman, of course, is a universal consciousness or you might sayContinue Reading

Brahma Sutras and related scripts. I'm taking a few Sutras and combining them. So skip the Sanskrit. And let's continue today's sutra. The ruler within is invisible, cannot be perceived but makes perception possible through perception and cognition. The universe recycles through us and also evolves. OK. The ruler withinContinue Reading

OK, my friends. So today I'm back and we can do a detailed, detailed discussion on what I started yesterday from the from the, on the being inside the eye is brahman. And so yesterday, I said to you that eyes do not see and the ears do not hearContinue Reading

Brahma Sutras Continued. अतः एव प्राणः ataḥ eva prāṇaḥ and the direct translation, Prāna refers to Brahman. So let's explore this. Let's forget the original commentaries for the moment they're useful. But let's explore what this is saying. Basically, it's saying is consciousness, energy is consciousness. OK. Try this. RaiseContinue Reading

आकाशस्तल्लिङ्गात् ākāśastalliṅgāt The word ākāśa refers to infinite space. And here it refers also to Brahman, but also to elemental space. So I'll just read a little bit from the original text as translated by classical commentators. What is the goal of this world? For all these beings take theirContinue Reading

आनन्दमयोऽभ्यासात् ānandamayo'bhyāsāt ānandamayo ānandamaya'kośa is that part of our body that is referred to as the body of bliss. So the physical body, matter and energy are interpreted as matter and energy. The subtle body is mind, intellect, and ego. And then as we get closer to the fundamental levelsContinue Reading