The Unknown constantly giving birth to the Known is YOU Updated for 2024

Updated: June 29, 2024

Hello my friends. As I reflect more on our quantum body and the quantum body that we call
the universe and how they are
correlated, I was also thinking
about all the exciting
developments that are happening right now
in the area of space exploration. So as you know, there's
a lot of talk about aliens right now unidentified foreign
objects, extraterrestrial
life, the search for life on other planets, the very fact that there are 2
trillion galaxies with 700 sextillion
stars, probably uncountable
habitable planets based on
the Goldilocks zone. And what are the chances of us
meeting life, which is
extraterrestrial? Let's explore
this idea a little bit,
because it could be a game changer
for our understanding
of who we are, the evolution
of consciousness and the evolution both of what
we call outer space and what we call
inner space.

Outer space,
I would say is intergalactic space
or how we view
intergalactic space, which is, you know, space-time
geometry, that which we look
at through instruments,
telescopes and sophisticated instruments
looking for microwave
radiation, etc., and cosmic rays
and all the, you know,
all the other ways of looking at
so-called reality, infrared and ultraviolet
and microwaves and radio waves
and cosmic rays and x rays, all that,
extending our range of experience
of the physical, so-called outer universe.

But that physical
outer universe is being looked at by a consciousness that has its own
universe of sensations,
images, feelings, thoughts, interpretations,
conjectures, mathematics,
philosophy and science. They do have to be correlated,
otherwise there is a very
incomplete understanding
of reality. So this biosphere that we're
looking for is more than just,
you know, the temperature. Yes, a planet
has to be within a certain
temperature range for life as
we know it to exist, and that temperature
range is what is
usually referred to as
the Goldilocks zone.

But the amount of
ionizing radiation on that planet also has to be
conducive to life. The gravitational
field, the strength of the
gravitational field has to be conducive
to life. The atmospheric pressure has to be
conducive to life. And as you can see, life is not just
human life, but life is all life
on our planet. From microbes
and inaects to plants
and animals and rodents and reptiles
and birds and amphibians
and primates and ultimately
human beings.

And this question that
we are addressing is being addressed by a human, the human mind. So even
the question, the human mind, we have to know where that thought
comes from or where the mind comes from. So a purely
physicalist ontology is not
going to work. Let's look at the very
fact that we, I, you who asked
the question are also an activity
of the universe. So the question has
to be an activity of the universe. It has to be
correlated with the activity
of the universe. You have to be here
on planet Earth with this biosphere
correlated with that biosphere to even ask
the question. So the gravitational
field, the amount of
ionizing radiation, the atmospheric
pressure, temperature
and innumerable other factors
have to be mathematically fine
tuned for me
to be right here in front
of this computer, or even for this
computer to be speaking to you.

It's all one correlated
to the activity, the gravity,
the radiation, the temperature,
the radiation, the life
on this planet. And you and me all have to be
correlated before even asking
this question. That which is asking
the question is also an activity
of the universe. But I am going to ask you
something even deeper
to reflect on. And that is the notion that there is
no universe, that what we call the universe is a concept just like
mathematics. Everything we talk
about is a concept temperature,
ionizing radiation, gravitational field
force fields, atoms, molecules.

All these
are concepts, concepts, human constructs. Now, of course, I've been saying
this for a while, and they get all
kinds of feedback, negative
and positive. But just
ask yourself, how do I know the existence
of anything? My body or what we
call the universe? And you'll see it's
sense perceptions, sensations, images, feelings, thoughts,
all correlated, okay,
all coming together as this, that everything
that you can think of, imagine,
conceptualize, see, perceive is all one activity. And it's just an activity
of consciousness. Knowing itself
through this alchemy of sensations that I keep
talking about. And those sensations
are activities of consciousness
in our case, human consciousness.

there's only one consciousness,
but in our case, the human mind,
let's say. One consciousness
and one infinite being whatever we want to call it,
God … Allah, Brahman. the mystery,
all of that is differentiating
into minds and perceptions and sensations
and images and feelings
and thoughts. The alchemy of me, of which we humans, which is also
a concept called the universe.

In fact, there is no
universe. In fact, everything is a human construct, based on
how we interpret and give meaning to the alchemy
of sensations. So go
a little further. Whose the "we"
that is giving meaning
to sensations? And is that not also an activity
of the universe? If there is
a universe and I'm suggesting
to you there isn't. The meaning
given to sensations is an activity
of consciousness which you and I interpret as body, mind and universe.

So it is
consciousness that conceives,
constructs, governs, gives meaning to,
and becomes that which we
call the universe. Please give me your objections
to this idea and also your objections to what I posited
before. Naive realism as a convenient
model, but actually
taking us away from the truth. Naive realism
based on matter is the ontologically
primitive, naive realism
based on subject-object
split. Naive realism based on the idea of an observer-independent
universe and naive realism
based on the idea that the human experience
of the universe or the human look of
the universe, or the human perception
of the universe is the universe and is
the only universe. Maybe there are
infinite universes because the reality
that conceives these, call it
whatever you will God, Allah,
Brahman, self it the unknown is giving
meaning, also. The unknown is not only
conceptualizing and conceiving,
but as it becomes what we call
the universe, it also gives meaning to it, whatever that is. The unknown. In every second, the unknown is birthing or giving birth to the known, and that unknown is an ever evolving YOU.

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