Updated: May 9, 2024

Hello, my friends. I'm ready to continue with the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra sutras, and today's sutra is the flame in the heart, it says visualize a steady flame in your heart, dissolve it into the great light of consciousness. So before I actually take you through an exercise on that, let me share with you an insight and how this pertains to, to some modern conundrums. So just now before I logged on, I asked a question on advanced AI, not chat GPT, but a more advanced version that I have access to through Microsoft. So the question I asked was are spacetime, matter, energy and information inseparable? And so here's the answer I got. That's a very deep and interesting question. According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, space and time are inseparable and variable and they are affected by the presence of matter and energy matter and energy can also be converted to each other as shown by the famous equation: E=MC2 So in a sense, space time, matter and energy are all interconnected, didn't answer my question, which is, are they the same entity OK.

So basically did not answer my question and then it goes on. However, information is a more subtle concept that is not easily defined or measured. Even though right now I'm transmitting information to you. That's what it is. And we are needing energy to transmit it in electromagnetic energy. So why is it not inseparable? Yeah. Well, because the equations are not there yet or the concept of information is not that well understood in science. So, however, information is a more subtle concept that is not easily defined or measured. Well, yeah, that's funny. Some physicists have proposed that information is a fundamental quantity that it is conserved in the universe and that it is related to entropy and quantum states, not bad.

Others have suggested that information is emergent from the interactions of matter and energy and it can be encoded in different ways in different systems. There's no definite answer to whether information is inseparable from space time, energy and matter. But it is certainly an active area of research and debate, very noncommittal and cautious because it basically AI has zero originality. It is parroting the prevailing current you know, opinions of physicalists. So now let's come back to our flame in the heart, meditation, meditate on your heart and then let it slowly dissolve into the light of pure consciousness. In this case, heart, you can visualize white light golden light, green light doesn't matter.

OK. Now let that light, let's call it pure consciousness. Once it's dissolved into nothingness, after the white light of consciousness, let it emerge once again as a point of light and then let it spread out. But as it spreads out, let it differentiate, differentiate just like a stem cell differentiates into, you know, all the organs in the body. Let this differentiate. First into… let's not do this in modern scientific terms. Let's this differentiate into every mode of experience in every biological organism, every mode of experience, that means it differentiates into a perceptual activity and a cognitive activity that gives rise to an experience that we call everyday reality.

And that experience includes our body, our mind and world and bedroom and sun and stars and Galaxies. So this one light of pure consciousness is differentiating into experience and the way I positioned it human experience, not the experience of other species. Because if you did that, then we would have infinite experiences. So we can do that too. But right now, we're differentiating into modes of human experience, which is enough, the human dreamscape in which we are fictional characters is all human, knowers, all human modes of knowing and all humans objects of knowing. But they're all differentiated aspects of knowledge from what we can call pure knowledge.

And then once we have differentiated this experience into all modes of knowing, then identify certain experiences. There's a certain experience, we call heaviness or lightness. You create an equation of that it becomes gravity. There's subject-object split. OK. So that which measures becomes an activity in time and time is inseparable from the experience of space. You can't have the experience of time.

Time is a way of measuring space. Space is a way of measuring time. OK. So now we've unified experientially space time and gravity and then of course, you know, feel your body, lift your hand or do any other activity and you're activating energy. So far, so good. Space, time, energy matter have all been unified. And now let's try and interpret that in any language, mathematical language, linguistic language. And then you know, we call that information. So right now, subjectively, just through this simple exercise meditation, we have seen that space, time, energy, matter and information are inseparable. Now, of course, even as I said, all this, I hope you realize that I'm speaking in terms of human constructs, everything that we give a name to: space, time, energy, matter, information is a word is a human construct for a human mode of knowing and experience in consciousness. OK. So, however, we quantify it. Reality is one Uni-Verse, one song. OK. That's a subjective experience and subjective reflection which bypasses all science and all AI and all these scientific methodologies which are attempting to find the same thing, the singularity as they call it.

But of course, they avoid. The word consciousness, is not part of the singularity, even though we use consciousness to come up with a concept of singularity, funny how science works. OK. So we did that. Now we draw that differentiation into once again, the green or golden or white light of awareness, bring it to a point, let it disappear into nothingness and let it emerge as a red flame.

And this point of light, red flame here, let it spread in every direction and let it incinerate everything you have created. So once again, there's nothingness. OK. And what you've actually understood through this meditation is that consciousness is the creator. Consciousness is the sustainer and consciousness is the destroyer of the universe. Your body mind is part of that universe. So you know, when you say, "I", don't think of body mind, think of you as the source of all experience. And then you will realize that you, in fact, are the divine consciousness that is the creator, the sustainer, the destroyer of the universe.

And then it is you at the most fundamental level, not as an individual, but as that pure consciousness that not only differentiates into the universe but also sustains it, destroys it, incubates and resurrects is the universe. How neat is that?.

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