Quantum Mind, Quantum Body, Quantum Universe, Revisited : Your Questions Answered by Deepak Chopra Updated for 2024

Updated: June 24, 2024

Hello. Good day
to you, wherever you are. And today I thought I'd post some comments that I have received after I posted my little video. On Quantum Body Quantum Mind,
Quantum Universe And so we got a lot
of comments and I felt and some queries. So I thought I would take a few minutes today to answer your comments and commentary. So there's a comment and a question
by @ameetan And he says, Okay, so as currently understood, the quantum is usually
defined as the smallest indivisible unit in way in which waves of energy are transmitted or absorbed. So once again, a quantum is the smallest unit in which waves of energy
are either emitted or absorbed. A quantum
of electricity of the electromagnetic
field is an electron. A quantum of light is a photon. So all subatomic particles are actually quantum events in the quantum field. And the quantum field is defined as that field from which emerge what are called virtual particles, the temporary appearance of virtual particles or quantum fluctuations
as determined by the uncertainty

Of course, quantum
mechanics and gravity are still not unified, but that's the major quest, the Holy Grail for the unified field. But a quantum of gravity, if such a thing exists, would
be a virtual graviton. That's the definition of coming to the observer
and the observer being one. It is obvious
the subject object split is artificial. You and I are a movement of the whole universe. A holomovement like the elementary particles as body-minds we are impermanent aspects
of the holomovement of the universe
looking at itself. Think of your nervous system,
your brain, or your biological organism as an instrument
of observation.

And then think of
the universe using this brain as an observation deck of the body
as a whole with its
perceptual activity. Think of it as an observation deck for the universe to look at itself and experience itself from a unique point of view in a moving
holomovement. You are the holomovement, impermanent
as a body-mind, looking at itself, the universe
looking at itself from a very unique and temporary
perspective. You, as the body-mind. But in the deeper reality you, and that
which you look…

You, meaning the body-mind
and that which you look, the perceptual
activity, is YOU. You know? Every perceptual activity is a modified aspect of consciousness. Knowing itself as the observer,
of the observation, and that
which is observed. And in Sanskrit this is
frequently referred to, or at least my teacher,
Maharishi, used to refer to it as the sum heat of Rishi Devata and Chhandas So, Rishi is the Observer. Devata is the movement, which we call
observation, Devata because it manifests "Deva": divine
manifestation and that
which is observed are all within itself
consciousness, knowing
itself as observer, observing and observed. Knower,
knowing and known seer, seeing
and scenery so that's @ameetan's query. @lapatoenmx says: Well, if everything is
quantum, then the observer is
quantum and the observed is
quantum. You just said it. Everything is quantum Then, @nfohy2022 says, Well, all objects, micro objects
and macro objects, when you actually look at them
in a deeper reality, they are quantum
in nature.

So, you know, quantum
means all objects
at their source are entangled as particles
in a field of infinite possibilities all move according
to the uncertainty principle are measured
according to the uncertainty
principle all take leaps
of discontinuity and actually at the very fundamental
level, electrons
and other particles are like clouds, clouds of probability. So very much quantum. The physical world
is quantum and the observing
mind is also quantum. Because they go together, they're entangled. So both the object and the mind are dream-like. The object doesn't
have any permanence. And in fact there's
something called the Quantum Zeno Effect. When you observe
a quantum system continuously, it refuses to decay. So obviously the observer
and the observed are entangled. @juliandolphy asks, Well, if you said that, then you would be…. If you said that
electromagnetic force is consciousness, then you would be subscribing to a theory right now
called Panpsychism. I do not agree with that. We think
the word consciousness is inappropriate or obsolete or improperly defined
or simply misleading. This is the comment and my answer is
what is it that is asking
the question? If not consciousness? Is the electromagnetic force asking this question? The electromagnetic force is a real experience before it is described as Maxwell's equations.

Okay, So Maxwell had an experience
first. Let's call it a mathematical
experience. Okay. But there was
an experience. There was a mode
of knowing and a perception. and cognition
involved in order
to experience this force that is the electromagnetic force
of even gravity, you know, whether whether
the story of Newton watching the apple
fall is true or not. There was some
experience, cognitive and perceptual, that led
to the idea of gravity. And later, of course, Einstein came up with general relativity, also through
mathematical imagination. So there was some cognitive and perceptual knowing before gravity was described whether Newtonian or general relativity. So to with everything that we describe scientifically, science
itself is an activity
in consciousness. Where are experiments designed? In consciousness, where are observations made? In consciousness. Where are theories conceived? In consciousness. So it is consciousness
that is conceiving, constructing, governing and becoming what we call or describe as the laws of nature.

Whether gravity,
electromagnetic forces, quantum mechanics, consciousness
comes first. And so you say it's hard
to define consciousness. No consciousness is what is having
this experience. Consciousness, right now, through this body-mind system, is communicating
with you, the conscious being. And in between we have all these
electromagnetic forces that are coming to your nervous system and to you with information. So we "can't get behind
consciousness". That's what Max Planck
said. You cannot get behind
consciousness. Consciousness is
fundamental, it is irreducible, It is without cause, it is formless, it is borderless, it is infinite, and it is the source of all experience and all observers
in all modes of observation
and all things observed. So I hope I've answered these questions
to your satisfaction.

And if not,
please ask more then we can continue this discussion. I find it fascinating
because if everything is quantum, then what is the source
of everything? And that source is not quantum. It is what knows itself and is a very fundamental level as quantum entanglement where everything spacetime, energy, information and matter all come together as the singularity. And in the deeper
reality, we are all members
of thd same mind, we are all members
of the same body, but as body minds. But at the source we are actually that
which experiences itself in the entanglement of the quantum mind.

The quantum mind
being a relational and embodied process, this I got from Dan Siegel, a relational and embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information in an ecosystem of living beings. What's
the location of the mind, None. What's the location
of consciousness? None. Ultimately, what's the location
of matter? None. The universe
is non-local, and we are non-local
beings having the perceptual hallucination
of locality, infinite beings, having for the moment a perceptual experience of the finite in a theater
that is continuously transforming
that theater, which we call the theater
of spacetime and causality. So my friends, let me know if this
makes any sense to you..

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