Updated: June 11, 2024

Vigyan Bhairava Tantra When being caressed, enter the caress with presence until the bliss arises beautiful verse. What this verse is saying in any perceptual activity, in this case, touch, caress, enter the experience with presence and soon subject object split will disappear. Samadhi will occur and you will enter the blissful state ananda shakti. So when reading this verse, I was actually reminded of something called the quantum zeno effect. And the quantum zeno effect is a feature of quantum mechanical systems that allows a particle’s time evolution to be slowed down or even stopped by measuring it frequently enough with respect to some chosen measurement setting. Sometimes this effect is interpreted as a system cannot change while you're watching it, one can freeze the evolution of the system by measuring it frequently enough in its known initial state. The name comes from Zeno’s arrow paradox,which states that because an arrow in flight is not seen to move during any single instant, it cannot possibly be moving at all.

Beautiful. So this is what this tantric verse implies what we call objects are actually perceptual activities in our own awareness. So if you replace the word “object” with “experience” and then replace the word “experience” with “perceptual activity”, And then you have dhāraṇā which means focused awareness on that perceptual activity. And then this dhāraṇā this focus flows into presence in that focused activity or in that object. Then soon the object reveals itself as an aspect of yourself. Every object is an aspect of yourself. And soon that object-subject split disappears, samadhi occurs, and you enter the state of bliss, ananda shakti and you can do this with any of your senses. So when you bring presence to say flavors taste, bring presence to fragrance, bring presence to objects, bring presence to sound, being, presence, bring presence to sensation, bring presence to an image to a feeling or a thought, then it reveals itself as an aspect of yourself. And when the subject-object split disappears, you enter. Samadhi, the state of bliss. And today, we are understanding this to what are called mindfulness practices or meta-cognition.

So this verse says, just bring presence to experience and you will fall in love with the experience and you will see its beauty. satyam shivam sundaram existence, awareness, and beauty satyam shivam sundaram satyam means existence, shivam, awareness, sundaram beauty. So presence in an object, any object, any object you can take any artifact you know? A phone, a piece of furniture, the lamp there bring presence and soon you will feel what is called beauty. And if you do the same thing with any sentient being, what you will soon experience is what you call love. Beauty is presence and an object of perception and love is presence in another sentient being, which is also an object of perception.

But therefore beauty, love and truth are all transcendence and bliss and bliss. Ultimate bliss is beyond subject object split. And it's our true nature. As I've said before, love is not a mere sentiment. It's the ultimate truth. And Tagore said when I see beauty, I know it as truth and I know it as love. So beauty, love presence and truth are one beautiful, beautiful verse..

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