Where do you go when you die? Updated for 2024

Updated: May 6, 2024

We've talked about. Who am I? What am I? I am the awareness in which experience
happens. Experience
in body-mind. Experience
of the world. Experience
of other people. Experience
of objects. So where am I? Where is
the awareness that is experiencing
this? What's happening
here? Thoughts, Feelings. Emotions. It experiences
other people. It experiences
objects. And if I know how to read body
language and facial expressions and tone of voice
and gestures and eye movements, I'll also have
a clue as to
what other beings are feeling and thinking
and experiencing. So I must be here, experiencing this, this, all this
simultaneously. But of course
you can experience sensations from
the inside out also. So I must be inside
here too.

So I is everywhere. I is in here,
I is here. It's there. It's in every
perceptual object as an activity
in every being that
I encounter. And I has nowhere to go. It's already
everywhere. So what happens at
the moment of death? Nothing happens because
you never left home. And what ceases is
a particular perceptual activity
which is entangled with other perceptual
activities that's actually
ceasing and becoming into… coming into creation
all the time. Birth and death
are happening and in every
co-arising and every
co-subsiding in the entanglement
of experience across
the whole universe. In the meanwhile, what happens to you
when you die? Nothing happens. You never left home..

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