Invisible memory is both personal and cosmic karma. Updated for 2024

Updated: May 22, 2024

Dear friends, we are continuing
our exploration of fundamental
reality and quantum reality, the ultimate
intention being liberation
from illusion and I have made
these points before, but I realize that
making them in a different way, slightly different
way, reinforces the point. And sometimes people get an epiphany from one point of view and not from another
point of view. So the "aha!"
experience is kind of determined by the uncertainty
principle. So let me share
with you the most important
thing to understand, if we want to liberate ourselves
from illusion, and also if we want to know our true self. Same thing
is fundamental reality
of quantum body. So the first point
I want to make today is that that which we
call the "universe", that which we call
the "universe" is entangled
experience. I'll repeat that. That which we call
the "universe" is entangled
experience. The real reality is that which is projecting that experience, the experience being
a modified form or modified expression
of the field and the knower
of the field.

So once again,
in the absence of experience,
there's no knowing of the universe. There's
no understanding of the universe
or what we call
the universe. And I have tried my best
to reinforce the point of view that there is
no universe. The universe is
a human construct around
human perceptions and alchemy
of sensations. And that,
by the way, that universe includes what
we call the person, the body mind. Because the body
mind is an activity of what we call
the universe. But both
the universe and the body mind are qualia combinations,
the alchemy of sensations. So liberation from
illusion is a shift
in identity from I am a person to I am the field
and I am the knower of the field. So liberation is not of the person,
but from the person. I'll repeat that. Liberation is not of the person,
but from the person that which we call "human". That which we call a person
is an entanglement of qualia, sensations, images,
feeling, thoughts, or in one word,

All sentient beings are entangled
qualia combinations, entangled
in the ecosystem of biological
organisms, that are essentially
biosensors for sensations
and their corresponding
perceived worlds. I 'll repeat that
because you might think it's new age "woo woo",
and that is the very dismissive comment
that many people make when I speak. But I choose these words
very carefully. All sentient beings
are entangled qualia combinations, entangled
in the ecosystem of biological
organisms, that are essentially biosensors
for sensations and their
corresponding perceived worlds.

All existence
and awareness of existence
is entangled in the field
of awareness. The field knows
itself as all knowers, all modes
of knowing, in all things known; all seers,
all modes of seeing, and every possible
changing scenery. But you remember
the seer, the seeing,
and the scenery is constantly
changing and evolving. What remains is the infinite,
irreducible, unbounded,
borderless, non-conceivable, imperceivable, fundamental,
irreducible, smaller than
the smallest, larger than the largest, field
of possibilities in which seer,
scenery and seeing constantly co-arise and subside as qualia
combinations. This feeling
even of "I am Deepak",
observing the world is a result of qualia
combinations. In reality,
that which I call "Deepak"
is just a… kind of a… or you call "Deepak",
is kind of a flowing activity of qualia
combinations all the way
from fertilized egg, through zygote
to embryo, baby, toddler, etc. all the way
to dusty death. So what is
evolution? Evolution
is the recycling of the field
through memory and leaps
of creativity.

So everything
you see around you, including your body,
is the recycling of cosmic memory, including your body
and your mind is the recycling
of cosmic memory. But everything that
you see around you is also
the recycling of cosmic memory,
but then punctuated by leaps of creativity, which means new models
of understanding what we call
the perceived world. So is
recycling of memory. And then there are quantum
leaps of creativity, new contexts,
new meaning, new relationships,
new stories. As we evolve from primitive biological sensors to more advanced
biological sensors, we can also say that
some of the senses that other species have could be more
advanced, you know? What is more interesting than
navigating reality through infrared
or ultraviolet or cosmic rays
or whatever. So different species have different
biosensors, but the human
species has the ability
to understand this and also go back
to self awareness and actually create mathematics for creativity. If you're familiar
with Gödel's theorem, Gödel's
theorem says thre are theorems
that are true but cannot be
proved. Gödel's theorem
is an example of mathematical
creativity. Okay. But that mathematical
creativity applies to the creativity
of the cosmos.

And now, with all
the new mathematics, we have dark energy,
dark matter, trying
to figure it out. And I can suggest that both dark energy
and dark matter are evidence of cosmic memory, but they're
both invisible. Dark matter
is invisible, and yet
without dark matter, there would be
no gravity. And without gravity, there would be no planet
spinning on its axis going around
the sun. In other words, our planet,
Karma Bhumi. So dark matter,
is cosmic memory that gave rise to our existence, as is dark energy. Cosmic memory. But this memory
is invisible. So what is invisible
memory? Invisible
memory is karma. Invisible
memories, karma. And just like you
and I have karma, there is
cosmic karma. So think about this
and let me know your thoughts
and your feedback. All the best. By the way,
the book is now available for
preorder. It'll be coming out towards the end of the year though,
October. November,
something like that. Okay, All the best. Have a
wonderful day..

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