Bījāvadhānam From the Shiva Sutras, I'll first read what Lakshman Joo has to say. When you maintain undivided attention and awareness on infinite energy, the supreme energy, which is the seed of the universe, then you have Shakti infinite Shakti So Bīja, Sanskrit for "seed" or "germ" is understood andContinue Reading

Continuing Shiva Sutras Yathā tatra tathānyatra The freedom of Samadhi is also possible in the external world in that you can be local and non local at the same time. That's what uh the Shiva Sutra says this of course has been said many times by others. I'm in thisContinue Reading

Eckhart discusses presence as a state of consciousness that transcends thinking, the true meaning of "no-self," and the true cause of suffering. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: http://bit.ly/EckhartYT Want to watch and hear more of Eckhart's Teachings? Become a member today and join our growing YouTube community! http://bit.ly/ETmembershipContinue Reading