So how do we experience fundamental reality? How do we experience the source of all experience? How do we get in touch with our true self? How do we experience our immortality? Our timeless being? And traditionally, yoga has been the method, starting with the Yama Niyama, which is social-emotionalContinue Reading

When we communicate with other people who are not right in front of you, let's say, on the phone, some of the questions you ask frequently are, "Where are you?" And the other question that you ask is, "What are you doing? What are you up to?" So most peopleContinue Reading

I am very happy to share today's ideas with you and I'd like to start by raising the question Is there such a thing as spiritual healing? If there is such a thing as spiritual healing, how does it work? And is this the future of well-being, of longevity andContinue Reading

Is there an objective world, independent of our sensory experience and if there is one, how would we know that it exists? Let's look at some of the ways that our sensory apparatus differs or is different from other species. So as humans, we have what is called trichromatic vision,Continue Reading

Right now, if you look at the scientific literature on the nature of reality, you will come across something called the simulation hypothesis. And this simulation hypothesis suggests that you and I and the universe are part of a virtual reality or a simulation, and that we are dream charactersContinue Reading

In today's understanding of nature, four forces are identified by scientists and physicists. The first is electromagnetism. The second is the strong interaction. And the fourth is the weak force. The third is the weak force. In the fourth is gravity. So electromagnetism, which is the electromagnetic field of theContinue Reading

My name is Deepak Chopra. Growing up, very early in my life, when I was about six years of age, my father was in England. I was living with my grandfather. And one day there was a telegram that came from England that said that my father had passed allContinue Reading

Continuing our exploration of quantum body, quantum mind, quantum universe. Let's raise an important question that a lot of people are raising right now. And the question is, could quantum events or quantum fluctuations be mental events? Is the mind quantum is consciousness, quantum is the universe a mental creation?Continue Reading

So, my friends, in 1988 or thereabouts, I wrote Quantum Healing, and that was vilified by the medical establishment. And actually, I had to leave Massachusetts and go to California because I was in a group practice. And I heard rumors that I was going to be fired for talkingContinue Reading

Dear friends, we are continuing our exploration of fundamental reality and quantum reality, the ultimate intention being liberation from illusion and I have made these points before, but I realize that making them in a different way, slightly different way, reinforces the point. And sometimes people get an epiphany fromContinue Reading

Hello, friends. As we explore quantum body, quantum mind, quantum universe, I want to extend that conversation now and will continue to do so because I think the quantum model is as close as we can get to in consciousness. But right now let's discuss something which is in aContinue Reading